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2019 Government and Nonprofit Section Midyear Meeting

Norwalk boasts beautiful beaches, memorable sunsets, cobblestoned streets, excellent museums, charming boutiques and delicious eateries. In the Historic District, numerous homes pose as relics of Norwalk's yesteryears. And music rings through the air with the classical sounds of the symphony orchestra at the Norwalk Concert Hall. The SoNo area in South Norwalk is where you can visit the Maritime Aquarium, join others for a lighthouse tour, a sunset cruise and enjoy the scenery.

No one should leave Norwalk without visiting the Sheffield Island Lighthouse, accessible only by ferry to the most remote of Norwalk's islands in Long Island Sound. 

Photo Credit: Pixaby
On the tiny island, there's a historic 10-room lighthouse and a nature trail to explore. To learn more about the city, a visit to Norwalk Museum is in order.
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