Our exciting conference took place October 17-19, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois

Please join us in congratulating our award winners!

Best Paper Award: "Does Fair Value Accounting Affect How Banks Convey Information About Future Performance? Evidence from SFAS 115"; Jonathan Black, Purdue University, R. Thomas Godwin, Purdue University, David G. Harris, Syracuse University

Best Doctoral Student Paper Award: "Does Long-Term Orientation in Executive Compensation Foster Investment Efficiency?"; Matthias Christopher Regier, Technical University of Munich

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Best Education Paper Award: "The New Nuts and Bolts of Auditing: Innovation in Inventorying Inventory"; Jamie Hoelscher, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Drew Gross, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Brad Reed, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Gregory E. Sierra, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville