Presenter Benefits

Congratulations on having your work accepted for one of the AAA's spring meetings! Although we all were disappointed to have to cancel several meetings, we know that you still want to share and enhance your work. With the AAA's new Spark Meeting you can make the most of your efforts, through two interrelated components, designed to provide visibility and engagement:

1. The Spark Presentation Gallery

Presenters upload an abstract, infographic and video into the Presentation Gallery before the meeting. Benefits of this include:

  • Reach a wider, global audience
  • Presentations receive a DOI (digital object identifier) to increase discoverability and presence
  • Presentations will be displayed in a virtual gallery—available to more people for a longer time
  • Content is fully searchable, citable, and shareable
  • Authors retain the rights to their content
  • Authors have a personal dashboard to track statistics on their presentations

2. The Spark Sessions at the Meeting

The June 11-12 Spark Meeting will be held from 11:00 EDT to 6:15 EDT daily.  Each day will conclude with opportunities to catch up with colleagues at Block Parties held 6:15 EDT-7:15 EDT.

Presenters convene in a topic-focused session, with a moderator familiar with your work, and an audience that has already reviewed your work in the Presentation Gallery.

  • Presenters suggest questions that will spark discussion
  • Moderators interact with the presenters and engage the audience to explore similarities, differences, new findings and challenges
  • Sessions are recorded, providing opportunities for the session to be seen by more people over a longer period of time
  • And at the end of the day, Segment Block Parties to unwind and catch up with colleagues

What's it take to be part of this new experience? Simply upload your infographic, video, and abstract for your current accepted presentation, include additional text, audio, video, data, and/or an author bio – the AAA and its platform partner, Morressier, does the rest to make your work part of the Presentation Gallery – Then attend the Spark Meeting, to become a part of the new virtual academic world.

Thank you for working together to begin to define a new meeting model. This is a thoughtful experiment that we are embarking on. We're optimistic that how we set ourselves up now will strengthen our community and celebrate and elevate the practice we're so passionate about. We hope you will join us.