2022 Excellence in Auditing Education Workshop

“Auditing Beyond the Financial Statements: ESG, Cybersecurity, and other Non-Financial Information”

Workshop Agenda

Planning Committee: Erin Hamilton, Chair; Sanaz Aghazadeh, Vice Chair-Academic; Chris Dinkel, Vice Chair-Practice; Margot Cella, Center for Audit Quality

Practitioner Panelists: Chris Dinkel, PwC; Walter Avdey, EY; Jim Burton, Grant Thornton; Catherine Ide, PwC; Scott Kelsey, KPMG

Case Demonstration Presenters:Chris Dinkel, PwC; Catherine Banks, EY; David Wood, BYU

Advanced Preparation Required: This workshop includes a significant hands-on aspect where attendees will be led through a series of case demonstrations and other activities designed for the classroom. As such, you should bring your personal computer, pre-loaded with workshop materials that will be provided to registered participants two weeks prior to the event.

Date: Thursday, January 13, 2022
Time: 1:00 PM – 5:45 PM (PST)
Field of Study: Auditing
Credit Hours: 5.7 CH
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group Live
Intended Audience: Auditing Educators

Learning Objectives: In response to an evolving business and technological landscape and stakeholders’ growing need for information, auditors are being asked to consider—and in some cases, assure—various types of non-financial information, including ESG and cybersecurity. Accordingly, it is important that students understand auditors’ roles and responsibilities regarding such non-financial information, especially as audit services continue to expand beyond the traditional financial statement audit.

During the 2022 Excellence in Auditing Education Workshop, audit educators will gain a better understanding of how auditors consider ESG, cybersecurity, and other non-financial client information—both in planning the financial statement audit as well as during stand-alone attestation engagements. The workshop will consist of a panel discussion by experienced practitioners, followed by a series of hands-on demonstrations of tools and cases that can be used in auditing classrooms. A copy of the workshop agenda with more details and specific case information can be found here.

Prerequisites: Install required software and download provided data files. Instructions to access necessary content will be e-mailed to registered participants two weeks prior to the event.