2022 FAS Research Conference Call for Submissions

The Thirteenth Annual Forensic Accounting Section Research Conference will be held March 4-5, 2022, at the Northern Illinois University, Naperville in Naperville, Illinois. The conference will consist of keynote speakers, concurrent sessions dealing with a wide variety of fraud, forensic, and investigative accounting topics, panel discussions, case work, and other scholarly activity. The 2022 Research Program Chair is Kip Holderness, West Virginia University.
Details about each submission requirements are listed below and the submission deadline is Monday, November 15, 11:59 pm EDT.
Please consider submitting to the conference any of the following:

  • Completed Research. (empirical, behavioral, pedagogical, etc.) that deal with topics relevant to fraud, forensics, or investigative accounting.
  • Teaching Cases. in fraud, forensics, or investigative accounting. These will either be included in our "hands-on" sessions in which you will lead participants through the case as if they were students in your class or will be included in a poster session.
  • Class Materials. We will also have a forum for class materials where you can present unique projects you use in your class that you are willing to share with others.
  • Research in Progress. (Proposals, pilot studies, or other unfinished projects) that you are still working on and would like feedback. This is the place to sound off those ideas to your peers. Submit a proposal and outline for consideration.
  • Panel Discussions. We welcome topics and ideas for panel discussions. You only need to find and organize the panel. To be considered, please submit a short write-up of your idea/topic and email to Martin Ndicu at mndicu@niu.edu.
  • Video. If you have created an original video or use video in your forensic accounting class and can share your approach, please submit a write-up and link to your video (if possible) via email Kip Holderness at kip.holderness@mail.wvu.edu.

Submission Information
Research papers should be submitted in just one file, in PDF format. Since manuscripts will be blind-reviewed, author should remove all identification information. Teaching cases should be in a format similar to that used in Issues in Accounting Education. Please indicate whether the manuscript has been submitted elsewhere for publication (if so state if it has been published or accepted for publication).

We strongly encourage Ph.D. Students and their advisors to consider submitting work in progress for presentation or the forum. If you are a PhD student (or advisor), please include this information in the field labeled "Additional Information I do not know" on the submission form.

Please consider supporting our Forensic Accounting Section by volunteering as a reviewer and/or moderator.  You may do this by logging in to the submissions system using the same AAA member ID/password you use to register for the meeting.  Enter your credentials under "Login Here" and click "Go". On the next page, click on "Volunteer Opportunities" under the "Submitter Menu", and follow the prompts. 

If you are willing to volunteer and would prefer our paper chair to activate your volunteer role in the submissions system, please email Carol Yu (shaokunyu@niu.edu) directly and they will be happy to designate you as a volunteer in the system.

As you consider volunteering as a reviewer, please also consider attending the concurrent session in which the paper is presented. Your feedback both during the review process and the presentation is a valuable contribution to the research efforts of our Forensic Accounting Section members.


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Author Services

Services We Offer

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