Registration Information

By registering, all AAA event attendees agree to abide by the
Event Code of Professional Conduct


This year, the Federation of Business Disciplines (FBD) has implemented the need to sign up for an account to register.  Although this adds another layer in the registration process, this will make things a lot better for you as you will be able to log back into your account to reprint your registration receipt when needed.  

Please see below a set of instructions provided by FBD to help you in the registration process:

Steps to Register for FBD Conference online

Go to

At top of page, click on the Login or Create an Account button. (Everyone needs to Create an Account).  

Create an Account by entering your email address (we suggest a personal email address to avoid university spam filter issues) and click 'Register.'

You will receive an email to your email address with a link to follow to set up your account.

Once you have received that email and completed the account setup process and are logged in, you can then follow the 'Orders' link in your account information which will allow you to begin shopping.

                  OR - you can select View Menu and then select 'Registration Page' OR you can go directly to

On the right-hand side of the Registration Page, click on the association for which you need to register.

Be sure to choose the appropriate registration fee, either Regular if you are a faculty member or Student if you are a full-time doctoral student.

Also add to your cart any luncheon/meal tickets that you plan to attend for that association.

If you need to register for multiple associations, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer Kelly Noe

Continue shopping if you need to add an optional fee (e.g., guest badge or awards banquet) to your cart.

Once completed with adding to your cart, go to the cart (shown at top right-hand corner of page and in various links during registration) to complete your registration.

You will need to add your name and email address to each 'ticket' or 'registration' that you have purchased (e.g., registration fee, luncheon, etc.).

You will then need to complete the registration page with relevant information such as badge name, university affiliation, etc.  Please use complete words (e.g., University instead of Univ) and use upper- and lower-case letters (e.g., John Smith instead of john smith) as your completion of these fields will be used to generate receipts and name badges.  Your badge name should be the name you personally prefer to go by (e.g., Michelle instead of Dr. McEacharn).

Be sure to check off on each of the notification items related to Guests, Participation, Covid policy, and Refund policy.

At the bottom of the registration page is the payment section.  Do NOT use the PayFlow option.  Please use the credit card option only.  The PayFlow option will not allow you to complete your payment processing.

If you need to reset your password and are having trouble, please contact Webmaster Cheryl Prachyl from the email account under which your FBD account exists.