Call for Submissions


The AAA is excited to announce this conference where you can:

  • Share best practices in integrating Sustainability and ESG into courses in the accounting
  • curriculum.
  • Learn about Sustainability and ESG courses that faculty are currently offering and collaborate on
  • future courses.
  • Share research on Sustainability and ESG-related topics and collaborate on future research ideas.
  • Learn from regulators and standard setters regarding current standards in Sustainability and ESG and
  • Learn from practitioners who are providing professional services related to Sustainability and ESG.

The conference will consist of:

  • Research Papers
  • Examples of Fully Developed Courses
  • Case Studies
  • Examples of how Sustainability is Integrated into an Established Accounting Course
  • Panel Discussions

Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Submissions should include the following:

  • For Research papers, we are accepting fully developed papers, working papers and work-in-progress research that is at an advanced stage. Please submit both the paper and an abstract (or only an abstract for work-in-progress research).
  • For Examples of Fully Developed Courses, please include your syllabus, including learning objectives and any course projects used, and an abstract describing your course.
  • For Case Studies, please include the case, including learning objectives, case solution, and an abstract describing the case.
  • For Examples of how Sustainability is Integrated into an Established Accounting Course, please include an abstract describing the course and the specifics of the integration, including any pedagogical materials used in the classroom.
  • For Panel Discussions, please include the panel title, an abstract describing the panel and the names of the panel participants (this does not need to be complete).