AAA Innovation in Accounting Education Award

Previous Award Recipients


2023 Award
Press Release

Tracy Noga and David Szymanski
“Business and Science: Integrated Curriculum for Sustainability (BASICS)” 

2022 Award
Press Release

Vernon J. Richardson, Ryan Teeter, and Katie Terrell 
“Data Analytics for Accounting (DAA)” and “Introduction to Data Analytics for Accounting (IDAA)” 


2021 Award
Press Release

Vic Anand, Josh Herbold, Jessen Hobson, and Kim I. Mendoza
"The University of Illinois Data Analytics Course"

2020 Award
Press Release

Dr. Margaret H. Christ, Scott Emett, Jason Guthrie, William R. Titera, and David A. Wood
"EY ARC Analytics Mindset Curriculum"

2019 Award
Press Release

Markus Ahrens and Cathy Scott 
"Teaching and Learning Toolbox

A. Faye Borthick, Gary P. Schneider, Therese R. Viscelli 
"Analyzing Data for Decision Making: Integrating Spreadsheet Modeling and Database Querying"

2018 Award
Press Release

Ann Dzuranin
“Data & Analytics in Accounting: Innovation and Impact in Accountancy Education”

2017 Award
Press Release

Gráinne Oates and Dan Hunter

2016 Award
Press Release

Michael J. Meyer and Teresa S. Meyer
"Accounting Case Search: A Web Search Tool for Finding Published Accounting Cases"

Frank Buckless, Kathy Krawczyk, and D. Scott Showalter
"Use of Second Life Virtual Reality World for Inventory Simulation"

2015 Award
Press Release

Poh-Sun Seow and Suay-Peng Wong

"Accounting Challenge: Mobile-Gaming App for Learning Accounting"

2014 Award
Press Release

Ellen J. Glazerman, Leslie C. Knowlton, Lisa Koonce, Samuel R. Leno, David N. Moss, Dan Roam, Julie Smith David, Tracey E. Sutherland, Mikel G. Tiller, Carolyn R. Wilson and G. Peter Wilson

"This is Accounting"

2013 Award
Press Release

Joe Hoyle

"Joe Hoyle: Teaching - Getting the Most From Your Students"

2012 Award
Press Release

Sara Melendy and Gary Weber

"The Justice for Fraud Victims Project"

2011 Award
Press Release

Mark A. Holtzblatt and Norbert Tschakert
"Experiential Learning via an Innovative Inter-University IFRS Student Video Competition"

2010 Award
Press Release

Paul Goldwater
"Practice4Performance: A Course-Management and Learning System"

2009 Award
Press Release

Richard A. Riley, Jr.
"Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination"

Pamela A. Smith and Mark J. Kohlbeck
“Accounting for Derivatives and Hedging Activities: Comparison of Cash Flow versus Fair Value Hedge Accounting.”

2008 Award
Press Release

John Schatzel
"RealAudit Simulation Project"

Herbert Snyder and James Clifton
" Forensic Accounting Fieldwork, Media and Exercises Project"

2007 Award

School of Accountancy, Brigham Young University
"The BYU Ph.D. Prep Program"

2006 Award

Ernest R. Larkins and Julian Diaz III, both at Georgia State University
"Locating and Evaluating Tax Authority"

2005 Award

Parveen P. Gupta, Lehigh University
"MACC 424: Corporate Governance and Business Risk"

2004 Award

Noah P. Barsky and Anthony H. Catanach Jr., both at Villanova University
"Management Accounting: the Business Planning Model"

2003 Award

Harriet Maccracken, Julie Smith David, and Philip Reckers, all at Arizona State University
"An Introduction of Business Processes and ERP into the Introductory Accounting Class at Arizona State University"

2003 Award

William E. (Bill) McCarthy, Michigan State University
"The REA Approach to Teaching Accounting Information Systems"

2002 Award

Joseph T. Wells

2001 Award

Dawn Massey
Joan Van Hise

2000 Award

Faye Borthick

1999 Award

Bruce Behn

1998 Award

Paul Solomon

1997 Award

Robert Grinaker
David Kroll
Anthhony Catanach, Jr.

1996 Award

Cathleen Burns
Sherry Mills

1995 Award

School of Accountancy, Arizona State University

1994 Award

Fairleigh Dickinson University

1993 Award

Brigham Young University School of Accountancy & Information Systems
"Curriculum Revision"
John M Andrus and William L. Felix, Jr., both at University of Arizona
"SCAD II: Simulated Case for Audit Decisions"
Janet G. Gillespie and Robert G. May, both at University of Texas at Austin
Marcia A. Niles, University of Idaho

1992 Award

Karen Pincus

1991 Award

Andrew S. Bailey, Jr.
S. Michael Groomer
Gary L. Holstrum
James K. Loebbecke
Robert G. May
Gerald Smith
ay M. Smith, Jr.
D. Dewey Ward
Jean C. Wyer

1990 Award

Robin Cooper