If you want to run or walk outside during the annual meeting and blow off the treadmills, a running/walking group is being planned for the fourth straight year so that you can be assured of other AAA people to accompany you, regardless of whether you are fast or slow https://imgssl.constantcontact.com/ui/stock2/woman-jogging.jpg.  Please show up by 5:35 a.m. outside the main Hilton entrance any morning from Sunday through Wednesday during the annual meeting.  The “shove off” time is 5:45 a.m., when we will make our way down Avenue of the Americas to Central Park. Whether you received and filled out the initial survey or not, you are welcome to join us; that was done for purposes of seeing how many fit into various pace/distance categories.

By the way, this is open to all who are there in any capacity with the annual meeting.  Some wonder if their non-AAA travel companions can come along.  Absolutely, bring them!  For those new to this, the goal is for you to feel safer in getting out, meet others with similar interests, avoid getting knocked off from your normal fitness routine, and have fun along the way.

Below is a link to tell you about Central Park trails.  Some will want to take the longer one around (six miles), while others will choose shorter routes.  Whatever your goal, the hope is that we have others there who share that goal, so let’s have a good turnout!


If you have any questions, please email Keith Jones of the University of North Alabama at kjones5@una.edu.