• Please mark your calendar!

    The 2016 Management Accounting Section Meeting will be held January 6-9, 2016 at the Westin Galleria in Dallas, Texas. The meeting will include the Research and Case Conference and the IMA Doctoral Colloquium.

    Also, this year join us for a new opportunity! For all of those interested in improving classroom skills and techniques, we will hold a Teaching Symposium on the Saturday (January 9th) of the conference. You can attend the whole conference, including the Symposium, or just attend the Symposium.

  • We would like to thank the Institute of Management Accountants for its generous support in sponsoring the 2016 Management Accounting Section Doctoral Colloquium.

Call for Submissions

The 2016 Management Accounting Section Meeting: Research and Case Conference, IMA Doctoral Colloquium, and Teaching Symposium will be held January 6-9, 2016 at the Westin Galleria, Dallas, TX. The Doctoral Colloquium will be held on Thursday, January 7, with an evening reception on Wednesday, January 6. The Research and Case Conference will take place on Friday–Saturday, January 8-9, with an evening reception on Thursday, January 7. The Teaching Symposium will be held on January 9.

The deadline for submission of posters for the MAS Teaching Symposium is Saturday, October 31, 2015 (midnight EDT). You must also register to attend the meeting. The teaching poster forum session will showcase ideas, teaching strategies, and education innovations that support learning in management accounting. It offers an interactive format for presenters to engage colleagues and exchange ideas and resources. If you are interested, please email the description of your management accounting poster presentation to Yvette Lazdowski at yjlazdowski@plymouth.edu so, once approved, it can be added to the program. Your poster must be ready to mount to a 36" x 48" tri-fold science fair board. The boards and mounting supplies will be provided before the session.

As in prior years, there will be an award for the Best Paper and a $1,000 prize for the Outstanding Case (generously sponsored by the IMA). Cases accepted for the conference will be automatically passed on to the IMA Educational Case Journal (IECJ) for publication under an expedited review process, unless the authors request otherwise.

The deadline for submission of research papers and cases for the conference is Monday, August 17, 2015 (midnight EDT). Papers and cases must be submitted through the SSRN conference management system by clicking HERE. When submitting, authors will designate their research papers for consideration for a teaching session, a concurrent research session, or a poster research session (if not accepted for a concurrent session). The selection of conference papers and cases will be announced by October 12, 2015.

We will also be hosting the seventh annual Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR) Conference during this mid-year meeting. Papers for the JMAR Conference should be submitted HERE. Please include a cover letter indicating that the paper is for the JMAR Conference. The following Word or PDF files should be attached: (1) cover page with author names and contact information and (2) coverless manuscript (with identifiers removed from the document properties). In addition, a submission fee of US$50 should be paid online HERE. In addition, by special arrangement with JMAR, papers accepted for a concurrent session can be submitted to JMAR with no submission fee subsequent to the conference. The standard review procedures for JMAR will apply.

As always, we rely on volunteer reviewers and discussants to put on a successful conference. Please consider volunteering HERE.

Best regards,

Christian Hofmann and Bill Tayler 2016 MAS Midyear Meeting Co-Directors