2016 Midwest Region Meeting

The Midwest Region Meeting is a great opportunity to learn and share teaching, research, and service ideas.

Our exciting conference will take place October 20-22, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. 

National Public Speaker: Chuck Hooper 

Visual Analytics in the Classroom
Data visualization helps you see and understand data, to tell its story.  It is much more than just charts and graphs. Data visualization techniques, in many situations, can mitigate the need for advanced statistical knowledge. Products like Tableau provide easy and fast visual analysis for students and faculty as they try to find the real issues and opportunities in their data and communicate its insights. Let's look at ways we can incorporate visual analytics in ANY classroom, to better prepare students for their next steps in life!

10 Inspiring Sessions for Teachers in Accounting

This year, we are very excited to be offering a number of sessions on teaching in accounting - 10 concurrent sessions of teaching tips, innovative approaches, and emerging issues in pedagogy! 

Sharpen Your Teaching Skills 
Five sessions covering a wide variety of insights on specific courses, teaching tools, and how to enhance the learning experience.

Join Master Teachers from the National Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting to discuss everything from broad teaching trends, emerging issues, and innovative teaching practices.

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