• 2016 Southeast Region Meeting

    The Southeast Region Meeting is a great opportunity to learn and share teaching, research, and service ideas. Be a part of your accounting education community by submitting your work for presentation at the meeting.

  • Sharpen Your Teaching Skills

    • Collaborative Teaching Tips: Tough Questions:
    • Engaging Non-traditional Students: Strategies for Success
    • ADA GAAP - Are You Compliant? Tools to Ease Your Course Into ADA Compliance
    • Issues Related to the Intermediate Accounting Course Sequence.
    • Audit Project
    • Tips for Creating and Posting Material for Online and Hybrid Classes
    • Teaching Accounting: A Sources and Uses of Financing Approach
    • Automating the Student Excel Assignment: Prepare, Grade, Feedback and Retake Process
    • Interactive Spreadsheet Assignments to Promote Student Learning

  • CTLA Sessions

    Growing a Prosperous Society through Accounting: The AAA Centers

    Q&A with the AAA Center Directors: Growing a Prosperous Society through Accounting

    Sharing Best Teaching Practices Panel

    How IT Fits? Information Technology in the Accounting Curriculum: Part II

    Learning to Learn: The Accounting Vision Model and Accounting Judgments

    Accounting Education’s Emerging Issues

  • National Pilot Region Speaker

    Mark W. Nelson, Cornell University
    Perspectives on High-Quality Teaching

    Gain insights from a 2015 Cook Prize winner about their teaching philosophy and what motivates them to be superior teachers.

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