We would like to thank KPMG for their generous support of the Colloquium

2017 Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section Midyear Colloquium

November 16-18, 2017 - Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Tampa, Florida


TLC Midyear Colloquium - The Science of Learning

The Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Section of the American Accounting Association is pleased to announce its 2nd Midyear Colloquium to be held in Tampa, Florida at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, November 16 -18, 2017. We thank KPMG for its generous sponsorship of this meeting.

Opening Plenary Session: What do we Really Know about how People Learn? 

Edward Watson, Vice President of Quality, Advocacy, and LEAP Initiatives Association of American College and Universities (AAC&U). The answer to this question is that we know a surprising amount. What is also surprising is the amount of misinformation regarding how people learn that exists in the higher education ecosphere, and often, those misconceptions lead to instructional strategies that are ultimately counterproductive to learning. Through an interactive game exploring the most popular conceptions and misconceptions about learning and cognition, those who attend this plenary session will discover surprising truths about how students learn that are based on the findings of recent educational research. 
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