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2017 Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section Midyear Colloquium

TLC Midyear Colloquium –Teaching and Learning Application Track

1. Small Teaching Tips That Create Large Learning Gains. This session will focus on research presented in the book, Small Teaching, by James Lang. Small Teaching introduces research-based educational practices that can easily be incorporated into any accounting course. These tips create an effective and engaging classroom experience and promote active learning and long-term retention of material. Presenter: Brenda Mattison,Tri-County Technical College and Tracie Miller-Nobles, Austin Community College.

2. Storytelling: The Art and Benefit. Using good storytelling techniques can help a sales representative sell more product / services, a manager, help a senior executive to take an idea up the line, or allow for a C-level executive to be more effective in presenting to Wall Street or the media.  Professors can use the techniques to grab, and keep students’ attention, making the learning process more effective.  Students, using good storytelling techniques, can ace that first, major, interview!   Warren Buffet says public speaking skills are the most important skills a college graduate can bring to the new job.  This session is all about making the audience members become great storytellers, great presenters / speakers, and, more successful in life. Presenter: Chuck Hooper, BIAlytics

3. Understanding and Engaging Millennial and iGen Learners!  A Different Way to Think About Teaching. This interactive session focuses on understanding and engaging the digital natives in today’s classroom. Participants in this session will explore the mindsets of the Millennials (Gen X) and iGen (Gen Z) learners.  Each participant will also assess their current teaching strategies in order to develop a plan that bridges the digital divide.  If you are looking for new ways of engaging Gen Y and Gen Z learners, or concepts to retool your existing teaching methods; this session will provide you with innovative and effective ideas that can help create a better connection with your Millennial and iGen students in order to raise the learning bar! Presenters:  Markus Ahrens, Saint Louis Community College-Meramec and Cathy Scott, Navarro College.

4.  Teaching Students How to Learn: Learning Strategies That Transform Student Motivation, Learning, and Success. Dr. Saundra McGuire has spent years sharing her research on metacognition and student learning.  She proposed that most students believe learning is the same as memorization, and become frustrated when their current learning methods do not equal long-term success.  This interactive session will discuss the learning strategies Dr. McGuire presented in her book, Teach Students How to Learn.  Dr. McGuire’s methods transcend teaching disciplines, courses, and teaching styles.  These methods can be easily incorporated without changing your course or taking a lot of time out of your current class schedule. Learn more about Dr. McGuire’s mindset of learning, and how her learning methodologies can empower your students to take responsibility for their learning success. Participants in this session are encouraged to bring the book or download the Kindle version for use during this session. Moderators: TLC Teaching Track Planning Committee


5. Winter Oak: Cultivating Passion for Teaching. We can help students become more engaged in learning, but we have to change ourselves before we can change them. In this session, we will discuss various classroom scenarios and read excerpts from a short story entitled “Winter Oak” in an effort to gain insight into how we can better impact, influence and inspire our students. Presenter: Bob Allen, University of Utah

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