2018 Blockchain Technology: An Emerging Issues Forum Videos, Presentations, and Resources

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Thursday Morning


Blockchain: What is It?

Natalia Maslova, EY and IMA

Blockchain: Why Now?

Erich Braun, KPMG

How Blockchain Will Impact Financial Management Software Systems

David Haimes, Oracle

Blockchain's Impact on Taxation

David Deputy, Vertex

Potential Impact of Blockchain on the Audit and Assurance Profession

Mike Marzelli, Deloitte

Sustainability and Internal Control Issues

Robert B. Hirth, Jr., Protiviti

Overview Q&A

Susan Crosson, AAA; Natalia Maslova, EY and IMA; Erich Braun, KPMG; David Haimes, Oracle; David Deputy, Vertex; Mike Marzelli, Deloitte; and Robert B. Hirth, Jr., Protiviti

What are the Benefits and Risks?

Blockchain in Enterprises: Unleashing the Power of the Programmable Economy

Sathya Narasimhan, SAP

The Transformative Power of Blockchain

Andrea Tinianow, Esq. Global Kompass

Trust in a Blockchain World

Soumabrata Dasgupta, Deloitte
Vidya Meenakshisundaram, Deloitte

What are the Benefits and Risks Q&A

Susan Crosson, AAA; Sathya Narasimhan, SAP; Andrea Tinianow, Esq. Global Kompass; Soumabrata Dasgupta, Deloitte; and Vidya Meenakshisundaram, Deloitte

Thursday Workshops

1.1: Accounting and Academic Implications of Blockchain

Eric E. Cohen, Cohen Computer Consulting

1.2: Evaluating the Feasability of Proposed Blockchain Use Cases

Myles Stern, Wayne State University

1.3: What's Real, What's Here and Where we are Headed

Sathya Narasimhan, SAP

2.1: Implementation of REA Smart Contracts

Graham Gal, University of Massachusetts and Bill McCarthy, Michigan State University

2.2a: Accounting and Legal Implications of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Ashley Davis, University of Oklahoma and Kaimee Kellis Tankersley, University of Oklahoma

2.2b: Why Should Accountants Care About Blockchain

Ariel Markelevich, Suffolk University

2.3b: Teaching Blockchain Concepts Using a Financial Close Example

Diane Janvrin, Iowa State University

Evening Workshop 1: Cryptocurrency Investing and Mining Transactions Accounting and Taxation How-Tos

Nancy Orben, Blue & Co.

Evening Workshop 2: The Digital Pink Slip—A Blockchain Use Case for Automobile Registration

Cory Campbell, Indiana State University

Friday Morning

Thursday Recap

Susan Crosson, AAA

Emerging Issues from the Accounting Blockchain Coalition (ABC) Working Groups

Accounting Blockchain Coalition (ABC) Overview

David Deputy, Vertex

Regulatory Compliance

Joseph McCaffrey, Morris + D'Angelo

Auditing and Accounting

Mark Li, BPM LLP


Mario Costanz, Happy Tax

Internal Control

Steven Marsden, RSM US LLP

ABC Working Groups Q&A

David Deputy, Vertex; Joseph McCaffrey, Morris + D'Angelo; Mark Li, BPM LLP; Mario Costanz, Happy Tax; and Steven Marsden, RSM US LLP

Research Questions and Activities Sparked by ABC Emerging Issues

David Deputy, Vertex; Joseph McCaffrey, Morris + D'Angelo; Mark Li, BPM LLP; Mario Costanz, Happy Tax; and Steven Marsden, RSM US LLP

What Did We Learn? Looking Foward

Susan Crosson, AAA

Friday Workshops

3.1: Blockchain and Healthcare Information Systems

Tom Stafford, Louisiana Tech University and Graham Gal, University of Massachusetts

3.2a: Initial Coin Offering: An AIS Teaching Case

Ahmed Gomaa, University of Scranton

3.2b: How and When to Best Integrate Blockchain into Accounting Curriculum - Survey Results

Tyson Empey, SUNY Geneseo and Elizabeth Felski, SUNY Geneseo

3.3: Explanation to Application-How to Incorporate Blockchain into the Classroom

Ethan Kinory, Rutgers University-Camden and Sean Stein Smith, Lehman College, University of New York

4.1a: Blockchain:  What's Really Happening the Business World-Video

Natalia Maslova, EY and IMA


4.1b: The Evolution of Accounting from Bullas to Blockchain Ledgers and Cryptocurrencies A Historical Perspective-Video and Presentation

Nancy Jones, San Diego State University


4.2: Blockchain Capability Decisions for Implementing Blockchain Using HyperLedger: Use Case of Food Supply Tracking for Safety Protections and Traceability-Presentation and Resources

Severin Grabski, Michigan State University and Pamela Schmidt, Washburn University


4.3:  Blockchain and Accounting Use Cases, Examples, and Applications for Practitioners and Educators-Presentation and Resources

Deniz Appelbaum, Montclair State University and Sean Stein Smith, Lehman College-CUNY