Explore Downtown Phoenix

Culture, commerce, and college life coalesce in the epicenter of Phoenix. This is where you’ll find indie restaurants, live music, pro sports, craft brews and cocktail culture. Historic neighborhoods like Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue share an urban footprint with modern marvels like CityScape and the Phoenix Convention Center. No car is required here, thanks to Valley Metro Rail.

CityScape is a central hub of downtown Phoenix, the place where people come together for dining, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, business, community events, and celebrations of all kinds. Urban amenities, desert views is an entertainment destination and shopping center in the heart of downtown Phoenix. The dazzling office tower and residential apartments are centered around a lively courtyard, retail shops, bars, restaurants, a boutique hotel, and live stand-up comedy club—perfect for a quick lunch, happy hour, date night or anything in between. Roosevelt Row is downtown Phoenix’s walkable arts district, home to art galleries, restaurants, bars, and boutique shops in a landscape dotted by colorful street art.

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