Call for Nominations

The Public Interest Section Accounting Exemplar Award is given to either an accounting educator or an accounting practitioner (broadly defined) who has made notable contributions to professionalism and ethics in accounting education and/or practice.

Written nominations which provide information detailing how the nominee(s) has made notable contributions to professionalism and ethics in accounting education and/or practice either by serving as a role model and/or by making significant contributions to the accounting profession in a manner which serves the public interest should be e-mailed to Pat Kelly at The deadline for nominations is April 20.

The Accounting Exemplar Award is traditionally presented at the Professionalism and Ethics Symposium's concluding luncheon, held just before the American Accounting Association's Annual Meeting. Previous winners of this prestigious award include: Barbara Merino, Steven Mintz, Jim Gaa, Abe Briloff, Stuart Chase, Cynthia Cooper, Ralph Estes, Harold Langenderfer, Arthur Levitt, Eli Mason, Albert Meyer, Carl Devine, Tony Puxty, Bob Sack, Prem Sikka, and Art Wyatt.

Accounting exemplar award criteria and nomination process (Word document)

Previous Award Winners

Robin W. Roberts
Anthony Menendez  
no award given
Steven M. Mintz and Barbara D. Merino
Jim Gaa 
Paul Williams
Joseph St. Denis
no award given
Steve Loeb
Mary Beth Armstrong and David Walker
D.R. Scott and Charles A. Bowsher
Lynn E. Turner
Stuart Chase and Prem Sikka
Albert Meyer
no award given
Cynthia Cooper
Bob Sack 
Arthur Levitt and Eli Mason
no award given
Carl Devine
Earlier winners
Art Wyatt, Abe Briloff, Tony Puxty, Harold Langenderfer, Ralph Estes 


Accounting and the Public Interest

Accounting and the Public Interest is an academic journal published by the Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association. The journal takes the view that accounting is a social activity with far-ranging consequences for every citizen, welcoming innovation and eclecticism, alternative theories and methodologies, as well as the more traditional ones. The common element in this diversity is the requirement that the study and its findings be linked to the public interest by situating them within a historical, social, and political context, and ultimately providing guidance for responsible

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Teaching resources on Sustainability and CSR 

(Learn who is teaching Sustainability and CSR, and read their recommendations regarding pedagogical materials!)

  • Irene Herremanns teaches courses in UC’s interdisciplinary degree program in Sustainable Energy Development. Her pedagogical specialties are in accounting, tourism, and environmental management and design.Irene recommends a teaching resource that resides on the UCalgary Blogs platform. It is entitled Sustainability Reports: Making Sense of Sustainability,* and it encompasses modules on: (1) Basics, (2) Sections, (3) Credibility, (4) Performance, and (5) Assurances. It also includes a Glossary of important terms.
  • Michael Kraten's sustainability teaching case "Save The Blue Frog" is now available at Michael has used this case in his graduate accounting program's capstone class and his undergraduate interdisciplinary colloquium on sustainability.

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