Ethics Symposium

26th Annual Ethics Research Symposium

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2023 Public Interest Section Best Paper Awards

We are pleased to present our 2023 Public Interest Section best papers awards to the following recipients:

PI: "Native American Governments' Borrowing Costs: Evidence from Municipal Bond Markets" by Serena Loftus (Kent State University), Sarah Shonka McCoy (University of New Mexico), and R. Z. Zhang (Kent State University).

AIS/SET: “Motivated Cognition and Employees’ Perceived Fairness of Algorithmic Performance Evaluation” by Yunshil Cha (University of New Hampshire). 

International: “‘No Comment’: Language Barriers and the IASB’s Comment Letter Process” by Emily Anne Shafron (Texas A&M University), Christopher G. Yust (Texas A&M University), Brian Monsen (The Ohio State University), and Eduardo Flores (University of São Paulo)

ATA: “Investigating the Marriage Tax Penalty’s Disparate Impact on Financially Vulnerable and Historically Disadvantaged Couples” by Christine Cheng (The University of Mississippi), Amy J. N. Yurko (Duquesne University), Joseph Paul Yurko (University of Pittsburgh), and Ronald Joseph Yurko (Carnegie Mellon University)

Forensic: “Financial Fraud, Hispanics, and Transgenerational Bonds” by Jesus R. Jimenez Andrade (Texas A&M University-San Antonio)


Accounting and the Public Interest

Accounting and the Public Interest is an academic journal published by the Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association. The journal takes the view that accounting activities have societal impact. We welcome research in a wide variety of areas such as, but not limited to: sustainability accounting and reporting; professional and business ethics; corporate social responsibility and governance; regulation; and social justice. We welcome innovative research designs along with more traditional ones. The common thread among this wide array of research areas is the requirement that each study and its findings be grounded in the public interest by situating the study within a historical, social, or political context, and by providing guidance for responsible action.  

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Alternative Accounting Research Network (AARN)

AARN is a global community of interdisciplinary accounting researchers with a commitment to independent, innovative and purposeful research that seeks to address contemporary social and environmental challenges. For more information, please vist: AARN

Case Studies

Boeing: Putting Profits Ahead of Safety - by Steven M. Mintz, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and William F. Miller, Ed.D, Professor, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

28th Annual Ethics Research Symposium

Please check out the program for the 28th Annual Ethics Symposium sponsored by the Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association to be held on August 11, 2024, in Washington, D.C. You can register for the Symposium on the website of the American Accounting Association ( You do not have to register for the full AAA meeting to attend the Symposium, just register for the Symposium itselfContinuing Professional Education is provided for attending these sessions as indicated in the program.

Letter from the Chair

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26th Annual Ethics Research Symposium

In conjunction with the Public Interest Section, colleagues across the AAA who are engaged and interested in research and teaching related to Ethics are invited to submit papers, cases, and panel session proposals for presentation at the 26th Annual Ethics Research Symposium. The Symposium will be held in person in San Diego, California on Sunday, July 31st before the AAA Annual Meeting. The 26th Annual Ethics Research Symposium encourages submissions of all academic research, teaching papers, panel sessions, case studies (with related notes) that address relevant issues in accounting ethics. Submitted research should focus on ethical issues for individuals, companies, government, or society that ultimately inform applications for teaching, business practice, or policy.

The Accounting Exemplar award and the Excellence in Accounting Ethics Education Award will be presented by the Public Interest Section during the Symposium. In addition, the Symposium will recognize other research, including Best Research Paper, Best Innovation for Teaching, Best Paper by a current doctoral student, or Best Paper by an early career scholar (graduation from a doctoral program must have occurred within the last 3 years). Questions can be sent to the Ethics Research Symposium Co-chairs: Lisa Baudot, UCF ( and Dana Wallace, UCF (

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