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April 15-17, 2021
Virtual Conference

Please mark your calendar!

The 2021 Joint Conference and Doctoral/Early Scholar Consortium involving the Public Interest Section, the Gender Issues/Worklife Balance Section, and the Canadian Alternative Accounts Conference community will be held virtually on April 15 - April 17, 2021. The conference will include a Doctoral/Early Scholar Consortium on Thursday morning and plenary/panel and research paper sessions on Friday and Saturday.

The conference will provide participants with an opportunity to present their research and/or to participate in the discussion of others’ research in concurrent sessions, to hear from colleagues regarding contemporary developments in research, and to discuss different topics and issues regarding the undertaking of accounting research. We especially invite accounting researchers and doctoral students to present studies on the various social and ethical responsibilities of accounting, as well as work that explores measurement issues regarding the economic and social well-being of women and men in contemporary society. We also call for studies that challenge dominant representations of accounting in its diverse and multiple histories, contexts and communities.

Click HERE to read the full call for submissions. The deadline for all submissions – to both the Doctoral Consortium and main Conference – is Thursday, February 4, 2021.

Call for Papers



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Fall 2020


Accounting and the Public Interest (Editorial Policy and Style Information)

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3rd Alternative Accounts Europe Conference 2021

The Third Alternative Accounts Europe Conference will be hosted online by the School of Business & Management, Queen Mary University of London on Tuesday, 5 January 2021. This conference aims to bring together faculty and doctoral students who are working within the broad category of the interdisciplinary and critical accounting project. The conference offers a space to showcase research that is challenging to perceived wisdoms both in terms of content and form. 

There is no charge for attending the conference, but attendees must book a place by 15 December 2020. Buying a ticket registers you for this event – please use this link to book a place for the conference.

2020 Public Interest Section Best Paper Awards

We are pleased to present our 2020 Public Interest Seciton best papers awards to the following recipients:

2020 American Taxation Association Midyear Meeting
Valuation Implications of Socially Responsible Tax Avoidance: Evidence from the Electricity Industry
Kerry Inger and James Stekelberg

2020 Forensic Accounting Research Conference
How Stock Options Influence Whistleblowing Intentions
Andrea M. Scheetz, Joe Wall, and Aaron B. Wilson

2020 Joint Midyear Meeting of the AIS, SET, and International Sections - AIS/SET
A Reasonable Assurance Framework for Ethical AI Systems
Deniz Appelbaum, Hussein Issa, and Ron Strauss

2020 Joint Midyear Meeting of the AIS, SET, and International Sections - International
Monitoring or Payroll Maximization? What Happens When Workers Enter the Boardroom?
Cristi A. Gleason, Sascha Kieback, Martin Thomsen, and Christoph Watrin

Alternative Accounting Research Network (AARN)

AARN is a global community of interdisciplinary accounting researchers with a commitment to independent, innovative and purposeful research that seeks to address contemporary social and environmental challenges. For more information, please vist: AARN 


Accounting and the Public Interest

Accounting and the Public Interest is an academic journal published by the Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association. The journal takes the view that accounting is a social activity with far-ranging consequences for every citizen, welcoming innovation and eclecticism, alternative theories and methodologies, as well as the more traditional ones. The common element in this diversity is the requirement that the study and its findings be linked to the public interest by situating them within a historical, social, and political context, and ultimately providing guidance for responsible

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Teaching resources on Sustainability and CSR 

(Learn who is teaching Sustainability and CSR, and read their recommendations regarding pedagogical materials!)

  • Irene Herremanns teaches courses in UC’s interdisciplinary degree program in Sustainable Energy Development. Her pedagogical specialties are in accounting, tourism, and environmental management and design.Irene recommends a teaching resource that resides on the UCalgary Blogs platform. It is entitled Sustainability Reports: Making Sense of Sustainability,* and it encompasses modules on: (1) Basics, (2) Sections, (3) Credibility, (4) Performance, and (5) Assurances. It also includes a Glossary of important terms.
  • Michael Kraten's sustainability teaching case "Save The Blue Frog" is now available at Michael has used this case in his graduate accounting program's capstone class and his undergraduate interdisciplinary colloquium on sustainability.

Letter from the Chair

First, let me say how delighted I am that I am finally assuming the position of chair for the Public Interest section after serving as chair-elect for the past two years. Of course, it is my luck that I assume the position in the middle of the worse pandemic that the world has experienced in 100 years. Oh, well. Such is life. Anyway, I would like to thank Mitch Stein who has done such an outstanding job the last two years as section chair. Mitch has set the bar very high and I hope that I can come close to matching it...


25th Annual Ethics Research Symposium

Do accounting ethics inspire you? If so, then the 25th Annual Ethics Research Symposium is for you! All AAA members are invited to attend the Symposium on Sunday, August 9, 2020, preceding the Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Symposium encourages thoughtful research on the ethical applications of teaching, practice, and/or business that ultimately benefits the individual, government, or society. Accordingly, we challenge researchers in other accounting areas to identify and address the ethical implications of their research. The Symposium will recognize and award research in the following categories: Best Research Paper, Best Innovation for Teaching, Best Paper by a Current Doctoral Student, and Best Paper by a Recent Graduate (graduation from a doctoral program must have occurred within the last three years).

Questions can be sent to 2020 Ethics Research Symposium Co-Chairs: Lori Fuller, West Chester University,, and Tara Shawver, King’s University,

Ethics Research Symposium registration fee includes: Breakfast and the Accounting Exemplar Award Luncheon.