The SET section normally produces a newsletter for all members twice a year. These are emailed to all current members at the time of publication.

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Calls For Future newsletter content

Please send items of interest for the next newsletter to the editors: Dr. Dawna Drum ( Examples of items that fit the newsletter include the following:

  • Recent books or journal articles related to SET - whether you have published them or you have seen other peoples you think others should know about. Conferences and calls for papers related to SET - make sure all regional or local events you may be involved with get good billing this way.

  • This could include non-AAA events too (if directly relevant to section members' interests) - Have you been to an interesting meeting recently? Why not write a few paragraphs for us describing who presented what so we can all benefit in some way from events we couldn't attend?

  • Personal accomplishments e.g. promotions or awards (don't be shy now!) Have you changed jobs recently? Let people know where you are now via the newsletter perhaps!

  • New research projects started or updates on current ones you may be working on. PhD students - tell us what you are doing and what you are finding out - there may be people out there who can help you in all kinds of ways you hadn't thought about - ask!

  • Other items related to SET e.g. comments or questions you'd like answers to or help with. Maybe someone out there has an answer that can help you with an issue you are facing? Ask!

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