The Strategic and Emerging Technologies Section shall strive to stimulate and improve the research in, teaching of, and application of artificial intelligence methods and techniques in accounting. Specific objectives include:

  1. To encourage research in artificial intelligence and emerging technologies by identifying areas of accounting in need of exploration with the methods of these two disciplines.
  2. To facilitate the exchange of ideas and findings in SET technologies among accounting scholars.
  3. To provide a forum for presentation and discussion of reports on SET research, practice and standards.
  4. To publish a journal (Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, JETA) that contributes to theory, research, practice, and education in the areas of SET.
  5. To provide a forum for presentation and discussion of ideas and developments related to SET curricula and education.
  6. To encourage educational innovation and to improve accounting instruction with the application of AI-based methods and tools, and other emerging technologies to accounting education.
  7. To provide opportunities for interchange of ideas in artificial intelligence and emerging technologies among accounting academics and business practitioners in public, corporate, and not-for-profit accounting

2022 - 2023 Officers

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Margarita Lenk
Colorado State University

Past President

Hussein Issa
Rutgers University School of Business - Livingston Campus

Vice President-Academic

Matthew Pickard
Northern Illinois University


Deniz Appelbaum
Montclair State University

Council Representative

Rob Nehmer
Oakland University


The Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting (JETA) is the academic journal of the Strategic and Emerging Technologies Section of the American Accounting Association. The purpose of this section is to improve and facilitate the research, education, and practice of advanced information systems, cutting-edge technologies, and artificial intelligence in the fields of accounting, information technology and management advisory systems. JETA’s Mission is to encourage, support and disseminate the production of a stream of high-quality research focused on emerging technologies and artificial intelligence applied or applicable to a wide set of accounting related problems.

SET Newsletter

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I am currently gathering items for the Summer Section Newsletter, so please let me know if you have any contributions. I would like to share information on:

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  • Member Profiles (remember I want to emphasize fun items more than CV items)
  • Any other topics you think would be interesting to fellow SET members.

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