TLC Submissions

Submission deadline: Closed

TLC Teaching Track

Teaching Forum and EdTalk Session Proposals:
We invite submissions of all types that will help faculty increase understanding and learning. Two options are available for submissions: Teaching Forum (poster sessions) and EdTalk Sessions in which presenters will provide a 10-minute overview of their strategy followed by discussion with the audience. As part of your submission, please specify:

1. Whether you are submitting your proposal for a Teaching Forum or EdTalk session.
2. An abstract (limit 500 words) of your presentation. 
3. The outcomes or goals of your presentation.

  • The impact of your topic on student and faculty development and understanding.
  • The benefit to participants of attending or participating in your presentation.
  • If applicable, the area of accounting (financial, tax, cost…) or the level of course/students (undergraduate- freshmen, sophomore, or graduate (MBA, MAcc). 

TLC Research Track
We invite authors to submit accounting education-related research papers, case studies, teaching notes, or commentaries to our themed colloquium on the future-focused accounting classroom. This colloquium welcomes all views on issues related to preparing educators and their students for the rapidly changing landscape of the accounting profession. All types of articles, including empirical, theoretical, case studies, autobiographical, or opinion pieces considered. We welcome early-stage projects as well as journal-ready work, making this an ideal way to get feedback on work early in its development. We also invite reviewers to volunteer to evaluate submitted manuscripts (reviewers must perform a journal-quality review and be willing to present their review if their reviewed manuscript is accepted for presentation). 

Research Forum:
We invite proposals to share your research during our conference Research Forum sessions (poster session). Submissions should include your poster title and a summary of your poster presentation. The poster session submission system will not accept papers.  We welcome accounting education-related research papers, case studies, teaching notes, or commentaries as well as research proposals (up to data collection).  

Accepted submissions obligate the author (or at least one co-author) to register for the meeting and present the paper at its scheduled time. Additionally, authors are highly encouraged to volunteer as reviewers and/or moderators.