Teaching Monograph 2001

In 2001, the American Taxation Association published the teaching monograph: Methods, Topics, and Issues in Tax Education: A Year 2001 Perspective, edited by Janet A. Meade. This monograph was funded by the Deloitte & Touche Foundation.

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Contents, Foreword, Preface, and List of Contributors

Part I: Tax Education Methods
Chapter 1: Applying Group and Team Learning Concepts in Tax Classes, John J. Masselli, Robert C. Ricketts, and Bobbie C. Martindale
Chapter 2: Active Learnng Exercises, Marguerite (Zite) Hutton
Chapter 3: Computer Presentations on a TV/VCR, Shirley Dennis-Escoffier
Chapter 4: Quick Tips to Enhance the Learning Process, Peggy A. Hite

Part II: Technological Applications
Chapter 5: An Introduction to the Tax Resources on the Web, Jerrold J. Stern
Chapter 6: Exchanging Information and Communicating with Students Using a University-Wide Intranet, Debra S. Callihan
Chapter 7: Interactive Tax Learning Using WebCT, Amy E. Dunbar
Chapter 8: Web-Based Information Management: Developing a 21st Century Career, Ronald R. Tidd

Part III: Distance Learning
Chapter 9: Teaching Tax Courses via Distance Learning, Richard L. Newmark
Chapter 10: Distance Education in the ATAX National Classroom: An Australian Case Study, Chris Evans and Paul Macmullen

Part IV: Microeconomic and Decision-Based Teaching Approaches
Chapter 11: Microeconomic Approach to Teaching Tax, Jerrold J. Stern
Chapter 12: Microeconomic and Decision-Based Tax Pedagogy: Canadian Applications, Alan Macnaughton and Daniel B. Thornton

Part V: Tax Curriculum Issues
Chapter 13: Designing Tax Curriculum for the Acquisition of Core Competencies, Richard A. Gore
Chapter 14: Revising the Tax Curriculum: Making the Transition from a Traditional Curriculum to the AICPA Model Tax Curriculum, Shirley Dennis-Escoffier and Karen A. Fortin
Chapter 15: A Checklist for Revising the Tax Curriculum, Deborah A. Thomas

Part VI: Lifelong Learning
Chapter 16: Teaching the Tax Professional, Gem Baltazar, Kimo E. Hemmes, and Michael L. Roberts


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