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Ian Hague International Accounting Outstanding Service Award

Mar 1

Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award

Mar 1

PhD Student Travel Grant

Mar 14

Outstanding International Accounting Dissertation Award

Mar 1

Ian Hague Award for Outstanding Service to the Section

This award recognizes outstanding service to the International Accounting Section. The nominee must be a current member of the section. If retired or deceased, the nominee must have been an active member of the section during her/his career.

Please submit your nominations to Giorgio Gotti, Award Committee Chair, at by March 1, annually.

Past award winners are:
Eva Jermakowicz, Tennessee State University (2021)
Greg Burton (2020)
Teresa Conover (2019)
Ajay Adhikari (2018)
Elizabeth Gordon (2017)
Michael Welker (2016)
Ervin Black (2015)
C. S. Agnes Cheng (2014)
Don Herrmann (2013)
Jeannie Harrington (2012)
O. Finley Graves (2011)
Robert K. Larson (2010)
Gary Meek (2009)
Bruce Behn (2008)
Lee H. Radebaugh (2007)
Hanns-Martin Schoenfield (2006)
Norlin Rueschhoff (2005)
Donna Street (2004)

Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award

The award is presented to an individual who has made a substantial contribution to international accounting education through scholarly endeavors in research and teaching over a sustained period of time - through publications, educational innovation, research guidance to students, active involvement in the activities of international professional and academic organizations and serving as an example to others in promoting international accounting education.

Please submit nomination materials and documents, along with the curriculum vitae of your nominee to Mahendra Gujurathi, Award Committee Chair, at by March 1, annually.

Past Winners of the Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award:
2021 Anne Wu, National Chengchi University (Taiwan)
2020 Mahendra Gujarathi
2019 Wim van der Stede
2018 Elizabeth Gordon
2017 Paul Munter
2016 Grace Pownall
2015 Bruce K. Behn
2014 Robert K. Larson
2013 Ole-Kristian Hope
2012 Gordian Ndubizu
2011 J. Timothy Sale
2010 Teresa Conover
2009 Ross (Rasoul) Tondkar
2008 Mary Barth and Timothy S. Doupnik
2007 Donna Street
2006 Chee Chow
2005 Kazuo Hiramatsu
2004 Shahrokh Saudagaran
2003 Robert Parker
2002 Christopher Nobes
2001 Helen Gernon
2000 Ahmed Riahi-Belkaoui
1999 Steve Zeff
1998 Lee Radebaugh
1997 Gary Meek
1996 Belverd Needles
1995 Murray Wells
1994 Sidney Gray
1993 Fred Choi
1992 Vernon Zimmerman
1991 Gerhard Mueller
1990 Paul Garner

International Accounting Section PhD Travel Grant Application

The International Accounting Section will award several grants for PhD students to help with the cost of attending the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting. Because the meeting will be held virtually, the grants will cover the AAA annual meeting registration fee as well as the American Accounting Association’s 2021-2022 Student membership and the 2021-2022 membership fee in the International Accounting Section. Grant award recipients must agree to be a discussant during a concurrent session of the Section at the Annual Meeting

Please inform your PhD students who have an interest in international accounting of the availability of this grant and encourage them to submit the grant application. They should include the following information in the application:

  • Name and contact information 
  • Institution
  • Number of years as a PhD student
  • Anticipated graduation date
  • Dissertation title
  • Name of dissertation faculty chair
  • Statement of interest in international accounting research and teaching (2-3 Pages max)

The application deadline is March 14, annually The grant recipients will be notified by mid-April, 2021.

Students should submit applications (electronically only) to Tami Dinh (

Outstanding International Accounting Dissertation Award

This award recognizes the author of an outstanding international accounting dissertation award completed during the previous year. All areas of international accounting (broadly defined) will be considered. Doctoral dissertations successfully defended during the 2020 calendar year are eligible for this award. Self-nominations are accepted.

Please submit your nominations by March 1st annually to the Award Committee Chair, John Wang at

President's Letter

Dear Current, and Future, Members of the International Accounting Section,

I will focus the majority of this letter on professional matters related to the section. However, I want to first send condolences, on behalf of the International Accounting Section, to all who have suffered personal loss during the last year and a half. The generosity of our members, the donation of their service and energy to the section, and the efforts to support each other provides the foundation of our section. Losses to any of the members of the Section are losses to us all. However, as we continue through these difficult times, I am confident that foundation will provide the Section the strength to support its members and to provide valuable resources and opportunities for Section members to advance their research, teaching and practice activities.Continue Reading


Journal of International Accounting

The Journal of International Accounting Research publishes articles that increase our understanding of the development and use of international accounting and reporting practices or attempt to improve extant practices. International accounting is broadly interpreted to include the reporting of international economic transactions; the study of differences among practices across countries; the study of interesting institutional and cultural factors that shape practices in a single country but have international implications; and the effect of international accounting practices on users. The Journal has a diverse readership and is interested in articles in auditing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, systems, tax, and other specialties within the field of accounting.


Steven Lin, Journal of International Accounting Research


2021 Annual Meeting

The meeting dates are:
2021 Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting – July 8 & July 9
2021 AAA Annual Meeting Pre-Conference Events - July 29 & July 30
2021 AAA Annual Meeting - August 2 to August 5

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