President's Letter
Lucy Chen,
IAS Section President

Dear IAS members,

It is truly my great pleasure and honor to serve as the president of the International Accounting Section (IAS) of the American Accounting Association (AAA) for 2023-2024. The IAS was created in 1976 and has served our members for nearly 50 years. The vision of the IAS is to “serve as a forum to share and disseminate information about international accounting, education, and research issues,” and to “serve as a point of entry into AAA for international faculty and doctoral students, and increase community of international academics, practitioners, standard setters and researchers.” It is even more relevant in the post-pandemic world to bring international scholars together and promote international accounting education and research.

With that vision in mind, I am pleased to announce that we will offer three different meeting opportunities in 2024 to bring together international researchers, educators, and practitioners to share their unique experiences.


Journal of International Accounting

The Journal of International Accounting Research publishes articles that increase our understanding of the development and use of international accounting and reporting practices or attempt to improve extant practices. International accounting is broadly interpreted to include the reporting of international economic transactions; the study of differences among practices across countries; the study of interesting institutional and cultural factors that shape practices in a single country but have international implications; and the effect of international accounting practices on users. The Journal has a diverse readership and is interested in articles in auditing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, systems, tax, and other specialties within the field of accounting.


Steven Lin, Journal of International Accounting Research E:



2024 Annual Meeting

The meeting dates are:

2024 Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting 

August 10-11, 2024

2024 AAA Annual Meeting Pre-Conference Workshops

August 10-11, 2024

2024 AAA Annual Meeting

August 12-14, 2024


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Call for Nominations

Nominations for the IAS Outstanding Dissertation, Outstanding Service, and Outstanding Educator Awards are now open, please click here to learn more about these awards and the nominations process