2023 KPMG/ATA Tax Doctoral Consortium

Support for the Doctoral Consortium from KPMG is gratefully acknowledged.

The nineteenth annual KPMG/ATA Tax Doctoral Consortium will be held on Thursday, February 23, 2023, before the ATA Midyear Meeting in Washington, D.C. 

The goal of the consortium is to help prospective new tax faculty make the right choices in the early stages of their careers so that they become successful scholars.  While the program is designed to meet the needs of doctoral students with an interest in tax that are in the middle stages of their doctoral program, we will consider applications from doctoral students at all levels.  A low student-faculty ratio will provide an opportunity for doctoral students to meet and learn from successful tax faculty in both small group sessions and on an individual basis. 

The full program will be posted on the ATA website when it becomes available.  Some funding will be available to cover travel costs, including travel support from the ATA Memorial Fund in honor of Chris Bauman and Marty Escoffier and from Ernst & Young Travel Grants. Please also note that any student admitted to the consortium who has previously attended two or more in-person consortiums will be asked to pay an additional fee of $175.

The application deadline is November 4, 2022. 

Please let doctoral students at your institution know about the 2023 KPMG/ATA Tax Doctoral Consortium.  Questions about the consortium can be directed to David Kenchington, david.kenchington@asu.edu. Students must complete the application form to be considered for the doctoral consortium and can find the link to the Consortium Application Form below.

2023 Consortium Application


Ernst & Young Travel Grants


Preliminary Program

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