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    MAS strives to improve the teaching, researching and practice of accounting that assists in the effective and efficient management of entities.

  • Susan Haka, Winner of the 2016 MAS Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Section has awarded Susan Haka, from Michigan State University, as the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. Sponsored by the AICPA and the CIMA, this award is given to individuals who have "...have made significant contributions to education, research and practice over a sustained period of time through scholarly endeavors, teaching excellence, educational innovation and or service to the MAS section." Sue will receive the award at the upcoming 2016 MAS Midyear Meeting in Dallas, TX, January 7-9.

News Archive

  • The Section presents the 2014 Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award to Professor Stanley Baiman

  • Recipients of the 2013 Best Management Accounting Paper—Annual Meeting are Joseph G Fisher, Indiana University; W Timothy Mitchell, Georgia State University; Sean A Peffer, University of Kentucky; Alan Webb, University of Waterloo, for their paper "Detecting Misreporting in Subordinates' Budgets"

  • The winner of the 2013 Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Mgt. Accounting Education is Anne M. Farrell, Miami University, for her submission titled "Development of a Business Proposal as a Framework for Applying Management Accounting Concepts –A Field Research Project."

  • David Erkens, University of Southern California wins the 2013 Best Early-Career Researcher in Management Accounting Award (sponsored by the AICPA and CIMA). 

  • First place for the 2013 MAS Dissertation Award goes to Henry L. Friedman, University of Pennsylvania, for "ENDOGENOUS-QUALITY REPORTING SYSTEMS AND MANAGERIAL POWER IN A CEO-CFO SETTING" (Chair: Prof. Richard Lambert). Second place goes to Martin Holzhacker, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, for "Yardstick Competition and Managerial Accounting Practice: Evidence from Social Security Service Providers" (Chair: Prof. Jürgen Weber). 

  • The 2013 Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award goes to Joan Luft and Michael D. Shields, for their paper titled "Psychology models of management accounting," 2009, Foundations and Trends in Accounting, vol. 4, pp. 199-345. 

  • The recipient of the 2013 Best Case at the Midyear Meeting Award is "The Business of Battlefield," by Nicholas J. Fessler, Central Missouri State University.

  • The winner of the 2013 Midyear Meeting Outstanding Paper Award goes to "Deferred Compensation Plan Characteristics and Voluntary Employee Turnover," by Marshall D. Vance, University of Southern California.

  • Harry Evans (Pittsburgh), Kyonghee Kim (University of Illinois Chicago), Nandu Nagarajan (Pittsburgh), and Sukesh Patro (Kansas State University) win the 2012 Journal of Management Accounting Research Best Paper Award for "Nonfinancial Performance Measures and Physician Compensation," JMAR vol. 22, December 2010. 

  • The 2013 Impact on Managerial Accounting Practice Award goes to "Product costs as decision aids: An analysis of alternative approaches (Parts 1 and 2)," by Ramji Balakrishnan (Iowa), Eva Labro (UNC), and Shiva Sivaramakrishnan (Texas A&M), published in Accounting Horizons, March 2012. 

  • Ken Merchant (USC) is the 2013 Lifetime Contribution Award winner.

  • MAS Founding Member and Past-President William "Bill" Ferrara

  • Recipients of the 2012 Best Management Accounting Paper—Annual Meeting are John Harry Evans III, Donald V. Moser, Andrew H Newman, Bryan R Stikeleather (all from University of Pittsburgh) for their paper entitled: "Discouraging Honor Among Thieves to Limit Collusion."

  • The winners of the 2012 IMA Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Mgt. Accounting Education are Terry Campbell (Indiana University), Paul Goldwater (University Central Florida), and David E. Stout (Youngstown State University) for their Monte Carlo Simulation tool.

  • Jasmijn C. Bol of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign wins the 2012 Best Early-Career Researcher in Management Accounting Award (sponsored by the AICPA, CIMA, and CMA-Canada).

  • First place for the 2012 MAS Dissertation Award (sponsored by the IMA) goes to Dimitris Vrettos, for his dissertation entitled, "Are relative performance measures in CEO incentive contracts used to improve risk sharing and/or influence strategic interaction?" (Michigan State, Karen Sedatole Chair). Second place goes to David Huelsbeck, for his dissertation entitled, "Financial constraint and firms' propensity to accept contractual risk" (USC, Ken Merchant Chair).

  • The 2012 Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award goes to "An Empirical Examination of Goals and Performance-to-Goal Following the Introduction of an Incentive Bonus Plan with Participative Goal Setting" (Management Science 2010). The authors are Shannon W. Anderson, Rice University (now at University of California-Davis), and University of Melbourn, Henri C. Dekker, University Amsterdam, and Karen L. Sedatole, Michigan State University.

  • The recipients of the 2011 Journal of Management Accounting Research Best Paper Award are Shane S. Dikolli, Christian Hofmann, and Susan l. Kulp, for "Interrelated Performance Measures, Interactive Effort, and Incentive Weights," published in Journal of Management Accounting Research, Volume 21 (2009).

  • The winners of the 2012 Midyear Meeting Outstanding Paper Award are Isabella Grabner and Frank Moers for "Managers' Choices of Evaluation Criteria in Promotion Decisions: An Analysis of Alternative Job Assignments."

  • The 2012 Midyear Meeting Outstanding Case Award goes to Dan Swenson, Arizona State University, and Patricia Everaert, Ghent University.

  • Two papers share the 2012 Greatest Impact on Practice: One by Alexander Bruggen, Ranjani Krishnan, and Karen Sedatole (CAR Vol. 28, No. 1, Spring 2011), and the second by Scott Jackson (TAR Vol. 83, No. 2, 2008).

  • Rob Chenhall of Monash University wins the 2012 Lifetime Contribution Award

  • Gavin Cassar of the Wharton School wins the 2011 AICPA-sponsored Best Early-Career Researcher in Management Accounting Award

  • Eva Labro of the University of North Carolina and Mario Vanhoucke of Ghent University win the 2011 Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award

  • Sofia M. Lourenço from Harvard Business School and Timothy M. Keune from the University of Wisconsin-Madison win the 2011 IMA-sponsored Management Accounting Section Dissertation Award<

  • Bob van den BrandEddy Cardinaels and Ivo van Amelsfoort from Tilburg University win the 2011 IMA-sponsored Jim Bulloch Award

  • Joel Demski awarded 2011 Management Accounting Section Lifetime Contribution Award
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