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    MAS strives to improve the teaching, researching and practice of accounting that assists in the effective and efficient management of entities.

  • Susan Haka, Winner of the 2016 MAS Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Section has awarded Susan Haka, from Michigan State University, as the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. Sponsored by the AICPA and the CIMA, this award is given to individuals who have "...have made significant contributions to education, research and practice over a sustained period of time through scholarly endeavors, teaching excellence, educational innovation and or service to the MAS section." Sue will receive the award at the upcoming 2016 MAS Midyear Meeting in Dallas, TX, January 7-9.

We encourage you to consider catching up with your colleagues and attending an upcoming meeting.

  • Institute of Managed Accountants Research Foundation.
    IMA's Research Foundation funds timely research in accounting and financial management subjects and is committed to developing the management accounting researchers of tomorrow. Please visit the IMA Research Foundation Page.
  • The Section presents the 2015 Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award to Michael Maher UC-Davis.
  • The winners of the 2015 Impact on Management Accounting Practice Award are Scott B. Jackson - University of South Carolina, Timothy M. Keune - University of Dayton and Leigh Salzsieder - University of Missouri-Kansas City. The winning paper is: Debt, Equity, and Capital Investment, published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics (2013) 56 (2-3): 291-310.
  • The winners of the 2015 Midyear Meeting Outstanding Case Award are Thomas L. Zeller - Loyola University of Chicago and Brian B. Stanko Loyola University of Chicago for their case entitled "Mechanical Machinery: A Strategic Decision Making and Risk Analysis Case."
  • The winners of the 2015 Midyear Meeting Outstanding Paper Award are Dennis Campbell - Harvard Business School, David H. Erkens - University of Southern California and Maria Loumioti - University of Southern California for their paper entitled "Exception Reports as a Source of Idiosyncratic Information."

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Qi Chen, Shane Dikolli and Wei Jiang

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The Management Accounting Section shall strive to stimulate and improve the teaching, researching and practice of accounting that assists in the effective and efficient management of entities. The goals of the Section include the following:

  • Improve the effectiveness of instruction in management accounting by fostering development, testing and discussion of methods and materials, as well as course offerings;
  • Encourage research in management accounting by facilitating the exchange of ideas and findings, and through opportunities for exposure of research results;
  • Increase opportunities for the interchange of ideas among members of the academic and professional community who are interested in management accounting; and
  • Encourage capable and promising accounting students to pursue careers in management accounting by enhancing their knowledge of the activities, responsibilities and opportunities offered by such careers.