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Welcome from Bill Stout, President, APLG

APLG – is that a stock symbol? Maybe it’s a new class of Apple stock?

Most of the American Accounting Association sections make sense. Financial Accounting and Reporting, Forensic Accounting, Gender Issues and Worklife Balance, Auditing, Management Accounting, Diversity – it’s clear what issues and topics those sections will address.  But APLG? What’s that?

APLG is the Accounting Programs Leadership Group of the AAA.  Our mission is simple:

“To develop and support accounting program leaders.”

That’s what we’re all about – to help program leaders:  Department Chairs, Graduate Program Directors, Undergraduate Curriculum Chairs and other leaders.  We’re here to provide information and other support to anyone serving in a leadership role in an academic accounting unit.  That’s our mission.

There’s a subset of the mission that may not be obvious.  We also develop and support people who aspire to be accounting program leaders, and those who are merely curious about program leader roles.  If you have colleagues



Mark your calendar and reserve the dates February 11-13 for our mid-year meeting, jointly sponsored by the Federation of Schools of Accountancy (www.thefsa.org) in beautiful (and hopefully warm) Savannah, Georgia.

On the 11th, AACSB staff will present an Accounting Accreditation seminar (see www.aacsb.edu for details, registration is separate from the APLG/FSA conference).

The APLG/FSA conference will kick off on the evening of the 11th with a welcome reception.  While the  program is still being developed, there will be sessions on the changing CPA exam, use of the CPA exam as an assessment tool, graduate programs curriculum, measuring the impact of accounting programs, and a session on data analytics/big data.  We’ll also have a summary report on the Pathways Commission, and an update for ongoing initiatives that are Pathways-inspired.


In addition to the February seminar, APLG is planning a CPE-type session for new department chairs at the AAA meeting in New York.  Planning has just begun, but the program will likely be designed for those who have been department chairs for less than three years. Watch for more information about this new program in the future.

The Board of APLG is looking forward to a powerful year leading up to the AAA annual meeting.  If you think of programs that would be helpful, suggest them to APLG leadership – and better yet, offer to volunteer to help.

See you in Savannah.

Annual Seminar

Save the Date!


The 2021 Accounting Programs Leadership Group & the Federation of Schools of Accountancy Annual Joint Seminar on February 11-12, 2021 will now transfer to a virtual setting while also preserving the key elements of our traditional program.

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Objectives of the APLG

The mission of APLG is to stimulate excellence in accounting education through outstanding leadership of accounting programs.

The goals of the APLG include:

Excellence in accounting program leadership—to increase the effectiveness of professional educators responsible for leadership of accounting education programs; Continuous improvement in accounting education—to assist accounting program leaders in the continuous improvement of their programs, through research, networking, and communications;

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