Syllabus Exchange

The FA Section (FAS) gathers syllabi used by educators in forensic and investigative accounting courses and disseminates the syllabi through the Section website as a resource to others teaching such courses. To participate in this Syllabus Exchange, or if you have questions, please contact Jodi Gissel at

If you are sending a syllabus, please include the following in the body of the email:

  1. Course level (undergraduate/graduate)
  2. Course name (if not on the syllabus)
  3. Topics covered (if not obvious from the course name or detailed on the syllabus)
  4. Faculty name and affiliation (if not on the syllabus)
  5. Whether you have additional course material (e.g., lecture notes, problem sets, cases, assignments) that you are willing to share or discuss with other faculty who may contact you directly

The syllabus should be formatted as a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe PDF file.

The Section greatly appreciates your help with maintaining this Syllabus Exchange and for sharing your course material with others.

List of Syllabi



Program Type

Course Title

Eileen Taylor

North Carolina State University


Fraud Examination

James Cali

University of Missouri – Columbia


Forensic Accounting

Larry Crumbley

Louisiana State University


Fraud Auditing & Forensic Accounting

Lester Heitger

Missouri State University


Forensic Accounting

George Young

Florida Atlantic University


Forensic Accounting, Fraud, and Taxation

Steve Smith

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Six Week Course

Seminar in Forensic Accounting

Jim DiGabriele

Montclair State University


Forensic Accounting


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