Enduring Lifetime Contribution Award

Purpose: To recognize exemplary career service for a lifetime contribution to government and nonprofit accounting.

Nominations: This program is administered by the Nominations Committee and is awarded for a lifetime contribution to government and nonprofit accounting. Please submit nominations to Brian McAllister, Chair of the Nominations Committee at bmcallis@uccs.edu by Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

Presentation of Award: This award consists of a plaque presented at the AAA Annual Meeting.This award consists of a plaque presented at the GNP Mid-Year Meeting or AAA Annual Meeting.

Enduring Lifetime Contribution Award Prior Recipients

2022-2023 Daniel Tinkelman, Brooklyn College-SUNY
2021-2022 Paul Copely
2020-2021 Saleha Khumawala
2019-2020 Jacqueline Reck
2018-2019 Mary Fischer
2017-2018 Marc Rubin
2016-2017 Dana Forgione
2015-2016 William Baber
2014-2015 Penelope Wardlow
2013-2014 Gary Giroux
2012-2013 Teresa Gordon
2011-2012 Rita Cheng
2009-2010 Michael Granof
2008-2009 Robert Ingram
2007-2008 James Chan
2003-2004 John Engstrom
2002-2003 James Patton
2001-2002 Earl Watson
1997-1998 Robert Freeman
1995-1996 Charles Bowsher
1994-1995 William Broadus
1993-1994 Marty Ives
1992-1993 Cornelius Tierney
1990-1991 Leon Hay
1989-1990 Mortimer Dittenhofer
1987-1988 Robert Anthony

President's Letter

Message from Nancy Chun Feng,
Suffolk University
AAA GNP Section President

Greetings, GNP Colleagues!

I am truly honored to serve as your GNP President. Thank you for entrusting me with this opportunity! I am excited about collaborating with you and advancing the section for another year. It is a privilege to serve a distinguished community of government and not-for-profit accounting scholars, and I take pride in being part of the most collegial section within the AAA.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Brian McAllister for his many years of service to our section and for serving as President of the section this past year. Brian has been deeply involved and served our section very well. He did an excellent job organizing the 2023 Midyear Meeting (MYM) in Denver, Colorado. He has been a great mentor to me over the past year in grasping the responsibilities of the GNP President role. Thank you, Brian!



2025 GNP Section Midyear Meeting

Check back for updates on our 2025 Midyear Meeting!



GASB Gil Crain Grant

GASB Gil Crain Memorial Research Grant    

Since its formation in 1984, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) has encouraged academics and other researchers to conduct studies that would be relevant to the GASB’s standards-setting activities. Over the past 30 years, such research efforts have resulted in publishing their research in research briefs, journal articles, and occasionally in GASB research reports.

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) seeks research proposals for the 2023 Gil Crain Grant Award. Proposals should address topics of interest to the GASB’s standard setting efforts. Proposals must be received by May 31, 2023 via email submission to director@gasb.org. Decisions on proposals will be made by the end of June 2023. Any questions about topics or the proposal process may be directed to Tammy Waymire, GASB Senior Research Manager, via email twaymire@gasb.org or phone (203) 956-5376.

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