Sharpen Your Teaching Skills Sessions

Utilizing Your Teaching and Learning Accounting Toolbox to Engage Students in the Flipped Accounting Classroom 
Markus Ahrens, St. Louis Community College - Meramec
Cathy Scott, Navarro College

Description:  Are you looking for new activities or resources to use in your courses? Are you looking to improve your use of technology in your courses? In this session participants will take away numerous “flipped” teaching and learning activities, as well as, technology resources that have been proven to improve student engagement and enhance student success. Whether you are teaching face-to-face, online or in a hybrid format, this session is an excellent opportunity to build or enhance your current teaching resources. The presenters will share a variety of new resources they have successfully utilized in their courses, identify teaching and learning toolbox pedagogies and demonstrate to participants how easily technology can be blended with “flipped” course activities.  Furthermore, student assessment results of student engagement will be provided during the session.

Teaching internal audit as a part of an accounting curriculum
David Sinason, Northern Illinois University

Description:   Internal audit provides students with unique opportunities in accounting.  Internal audit offers undergraduate students opportunities for an audit career and provides those students not wishing to pursue an advanced degree an additional career option. This session will review Internal Audit careers, where internal audit fits in accounting programs, and the teaching curriculum for an internal audit course.  In addition, the session will touch on available certifications for Internal Audit professionals.

Publishing in Professional Journals
Natalie Churyk, Northern Illinois University
Bambi Hora, University of Central Oklahoma
Alan Reinstein, Wayne State University

Description:  Have you ever wondered how to publish in professional journals or which topics practitioners find interesting?   The panelists will speak about their experiences with publishing in professional journals; how they come up with topics for publication; and the professional publication process.  Panelists will discuss publications in tax, audit, and financial, as well as show how academic and professional research complement each other.

Excel Across the Curriculum
Kimberly Church, University of Missouri Kansas City
Pamela S Stuerke, Ph.D., CPA, Associate Professor of Accounting, University of Missouri - St. Louis (teaching emphasis financial and governmental)

Description:  This session is based on feedback from professionals at a recent Excel conference. The discussion topics will include Excel tips and exercises that can be used from the first Financial Accounting course through the last Graduate Accounting course. Participants in the panel session will walk away with activities that can be used or modified for their own courses. The panelist will represent diverse course coverage and teaching styles.

So far the confirmed panelist are active members of the AIS section:
Pam Schmidt - Washburn University, Topeka, KS (teaching emphasis AIS and managerial topics)
Georgia Smedley - University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO (teaching emphasis AIS topics and governmental)

Designing an effective online accounting course (Session A & B)

Online accounting courses have experienced tremendous growth in the past decade. The online platform provides students with tremendous flexibility in attaining a college degree. However, many faculty and employers have expressed concerns with the quality of an online education. Further, many faculty have also voiced concerns about the availability of web-based resources and time requirements necessary to effectively develop and administer an online course. Without sufficient resources, students struggle and faculty are overburdened with emails and discussion board.

Session A
Mehmet Kocakulah, University of Southern Indiana

Description: This session will address teaching strategies in distance education courses such as how to use various internet tools including PANOPTO and how to solve problems in an online setting to better facilitate students' learning.

Session B
Chris Edmonds, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Description: This session provides instruction on how to develop a high quality online course that is effective in engaging students and easy to manage. Specifically, we will focus on best practices for developing online lecture videos, assessments, and exams. The session will introduce tools that can make course management easy and provide specific guidance for developing an online course. The presenters will share real world experiences and research results from online accounting courses implemented at the undergraduate and MBA level. If you desire to develop your first online course or improve your online teaching, this session is a must attend event for you.