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The theme of the 2016 Annual Meeting in New York is "Celebration of the Century" as we celebrate our centennial year.

Our journey began in 1916 with John Wildman of New York University forming the American Association of University Instructors in Accounting, and, today, we are a proud organization of more than 7,000 members spread around the globe. In the next 100 years, how can we ensure our profession—broadly defined—will be a key profession that continues to serve society? How will we ensure that accounting is perceived as a successful and rewarding career? How will we become a learned profession?  

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Please join us in New York August 6 through August 10, 2016 for the Annual Meeting and Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) and become a participant in beginning our journey into the next 100 years. Help us to become an even stronger and more impactful organization.

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