Ninth Annual AAA Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting

Part hands-on teaching clinic, part mentoring by master teachers!

Submit a Proposal

Submit your proposals by 11:59 pm EDT February 10, 2016 for the American Accounting Association's Ninth Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) to be held August 6- 7 as part of the AAA Annual Meeting (August 8-10) in New York, New York. Your proposals will be peer-reviewed and you will be notified by April 1, 2016 if you are selected to be one the presenters.

Questions about CTLA submissions? Please contact Stephanie Glaser at

Note: For tracking purposes, you will need to create a user ID and password during the submission process. You will need this information to update and/or access the status of your submission. This user ID and password does not need to match your AAA login, and will not grant access to AAA member services (i.e., registration, dues renewal, etc.).

The CTLA is designed for experienced faculty, new faculty, and PhD students looking for opportunities to refine their teaching talents and perfect their craft in teaching accounting. The conference precedes the AAA Annual Meeting and offers teaching-oriented CPE. While submissions are welcome in all teaching and learning related areas, submissions are particularly encouraged for:

  • Integration of Cutting-edge Technology Practices into Existing Accounting Courses
  • Tips and Techniques for Online Teaching
  • Flipped Classroom Techniques
  • Ethics in the Classroom and Profession
  • Incorporating  big data and data analytics in accounting courses
  • Strategies to Increase Student Retention
  • Assessment/Student Learning Outcomes
  • Team-based Learning
  • Improving Critical Thinking Skills
  • Increasing Student Engagement
  • Course Design
  • How to prevent academic dishonesty and promote academic integrity
  • Resources and teaching strategies for New Faculty
  • Experiential Learning
  • Getting Classes off to a Good Start
  • Effective pedagogical strategies as well as course-specific topics
  • Emerging topics in accounting
  • Teaching and Learning strategies based on academic research
  • Excel-based learning activities
  • Course-specific approaches   (e.g., introductory classes; graduate-level classes)

Call for Submissions are being solicited for the following sessions (you are encouraged to submit for more than one session):

Craft of Teaching Accounting Sessions
Description: Multiple 50 minute concurrent breakout sessions held on Saturday, featuring topics such as those listed above.  Most of these sessions will consist of 2-3 separate presentations, grouped by topic area.   A limited number of single-presentation 50 minute time slots will be available.  A/V equipment and internet will be provided.

Proposal should include: A short description of the proposed session topic and learning outcome. In addition, please explicitly note the general topic area of your proposed session and the course(s) your presentation is geared towards. Also, please estimate the approximate amount of time desired for the presentation (15 min, 25 min, or 50 min).

Teaching Roundtables
Description: Share your favorite teaching tip in ten minutes at roundtables. During a 50 minute session on Saturday, participants will switch tables every 15 minutes such that you will present your teaching tip three times. This session is high energy and lots of fun!

Proposal should include: A short description of the proposed teaching tip, the course or courses it is used in, and why it is effective.

Technology Roundtables
Description: Share your favorite technology tip in ten minutes at roundtables. During a 50 minute session on Saturday, participants will switch tables every 15 minutes to learn about how you use technology to create efficiencies and/or improve teaching and learning. Your tip may involve novel approaches to using existing technology  or may demonstrate cutting edge devices or software applications.  If possible, bring the technology (hardware or software) to demonstrate.   You may also want to consider bringing a handout with FAQs about the technology to help participants migrate towards implementation.
Proposal should include: A short description of the proposed technology tip, the course or courses it is used in, and why it is effective.

Hands-on Technology
Description: Based on the overwhelming success of the 2014 and 2015 hands-on technology sessions, we will once again be offering individuals a chance to provide hands-on demonstrations of educational technology applications.  In this Sunday morning session, conference participants will freely roam through the venue to learn about and try out different technology applications up close and personal.  
Proposal should include: The name of the technology application (e.g., LiveScribe Pen) and a short description of how instructors would benefit from using it in their courses.

Effective Teaching Practices Forum
Description: Participants will share a teaching idea in a poster session. The poster will display a novel teaching tip or assignment for a course currently taught. Faculty should also be ready to discuss how to use this tip or assignment one-on-one with conference participants at the ETP sessions held on Saturday, August 6th.
Proposal should include: Course name, topic area, teaching tip or assignment idea, and a brief statement about why you believe this is a novel  and effective approach.