Running Group

If you want to run or walk outside during the Annual Meeting and blow off the treadmills, a running/walking group is being planned for the seventh straight year, so that you can be assured of having other AAA members to accompany you regardless of whether you are fast or slow. Please arrive by 5:35 a.m. outside the main lobby entrance of the Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel any morning from Sunday through Tuesday during the annual meeting if you wish to participate. The initial “shove-off” time is at 5:45 a.m. so that people can get back and attend meeting activities. You are welcome to join us whether you received and filled out the Running Group survey or not! (The survey simply helps us estimate where the pace/distance clusters are.)

This group is open to all who are there because of the Annual Meeting. Please feel free to bring along your non-AAA travel companions as well, or send them our way even if you’re not participating. We will be happy for them to join us!

Although the AAA supports this effort enthusiastically, it is informal and no one needs to register for it; just show up and have fun! Don’t miss this opportunity to network with people you might not have met otherwise.

If you have any questions, please email Keith Jones of the University of North Alabama at  Keith is also informally planning a longer run of 8-12 miles (at an easy pace) early that Saturday morning, August 10.  If you are arriving in time for that and are interested, please email Keith directly so that he knows how many and whom to expect.  Some have already done that, so we have some interest!

Keith wishes to do a “shout out” to Karen Toney of the AAA for her incredible support in this effort; she helped immensely to make this possible.

Below are links to helpful information regarding the routes in San Francisco:
Sunday-Tuesday Running Route from Hilton Union Square
San Francisco Bay Trail