Join the Annual Meeting Host Program

We are looking for some HERO volunteers, to participate in the Annual Meeting Host Program. This program has been serving first-time Attendees for many years, and we are very grateful to our HERO Hosts for all they do. They may not be wearing capes, but you will know them by their blue ribbon.

Host: Initiate the conversation, reach out, craft an introduction, and get ready to meet in National Harbor.

Encourage: Attendees to attend a variety of events perhaps:

   • Participate in the Career Fair on Sunday afternoon

   • Early Bird Reception in the Exhibit Hall on Sunday evening

   • The New Member Reception held on Sunday evening

   • Monday Welcome Reception

   • Plenaries on both Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Recommend: The Annual Meeting Program, when available online, recommend sessions, and events to attend. Share insider secrets that will help them get the most out of their Annual Meeting experience.

Offer: Offer to introduce them to your inner circle, accompany them to events help them to begin their own network. Offer to attend their presentation or poster session. After the meeting, offer keep the lines of communication open.

Are you interested in contributing as a HERO Host? If you would you like to participate, have attended at least two Annual Meetings, and can devote some time, we encourage you to complete the Host application. (Application Closed)

Will you be a first-time Attendee to the Annual Meeting? Please register now to be hosted by one of our more seasoned members. We know you will value and appreciate the extra efforts they are putting forth. We invite you to complete the Attendee Application. (Application Closed)

Submit your application by July 17, 2019 at 11:59 pm EDT.

Please contact Tonya Davis at or 941.556.4104 if you have any questions about the Host Program.


How many Attendees will be assigned to each Host? 

Each Host will be matched with 1-2 Attendees. Please note, we will match new members with volunteer hosts on a first-come, first-serve basis, so register early to take part in this exciting program! 

How are Hosts matched with Attendees? 

Our goal is to match Attendees with Hosts who have similar teaching, or research areas. We also try to accommodate language requests, as well as arrival times. So please, be sure to provide us with any necessary matching details.

How will I receive contact information?

We will notify you after July 17th, once the matching process has been completed. An email will be sent to both Hosts and Attendees, that will include each other’s name and contact information.

Who qualifies as an Attendee?

Any member who is attending their first Annual Meeting.

Missed connections?

Even though we all have great intentions, sometimes even the best laid plans, can go awry. If you are having trouble connecting while at the Annual Meeting, please come to the Member Services Desk. There will be a board available, where you can leave messages for your host or attendee.