You are invited to visit the website of the Global Accounting Digital Archive Network []. GADAN combines many sources of freely available digital information and archives related to accounting in various parts of the world. Initiated as a joint project of the American Accounting Association and the European Accounting Association, in collaboration with organizations and academics from many parts of the world, this on-going effort aims to assemble links to useful accounting archives.

The 2006-7 Joint AAA-EAA Task Force for this project included Gary Previts (Chair), Wolfgang Ballwieser, A. Rick Elam, Oktay Guvemli, Bryan Howieson, Daniel Jensen, Janet Morrill, Paolo Quattrone, Edson Riccio, Vyachaslav Sokolov, Miklos Vasarhelyi and Hidotoshi Yamaji). Jovari St. Victor of Rutgers University is the webmaster who developed the site. The 2007-8 Task Force will be co-chaired by Dan Jensen and Miklos Vasarhelyi.

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome; please send them to