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Interactive Poster Sessions
Guidelines for Presenters

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Interactive Poster Session Display Guidelines
Effective Learning Strategies, Emerging/Innovative Research Projects, and Research Interaction Forum presentations are based on a poster session format. Below, you will find guidelines for setting up your display. Each presenter will be assigned to a specific bulletin board where materials, samples, and handouts can be displayed.

It is up to you to make your display visually pleasing and to attract interest to your session. If you are new to the practice of creating posters, we highly recommend that you read the information found on the following sites:

Poster and Presentation Resources – UNC The Graduate School
Scientific Literature and Writing Poster Presentations –
Detailed information on poster design with supportive illustrations and links to other sites on poster designing.
"How to create a better research poster in less time" a 20 minute YouTube presentation--start viewing at 11:35 for good design, redesign, and examples 
Templates referred to in video  [templates]

Infographic Template using PowerPoint
Infographic Templates using PowerPoint – Free Presentation Program free presentation program

Examples of Education Presentations

Examples of Research Presentations

Guidelines Specific to the AAA 2022 Annual Meeting Interactive Poster Sessions:

  • The bulletin board's usable area measures 4' high X 8' wide. The board is fabric-covered and your display can be attached using push pins or Velcro®. Pushpins will be available at the conference. Please bring any other supplies you think you may need. The backside of the bulletin board you use may be used by another presenter. Presenters are discouraged from hanging materials from the top of the board that would interfere with the session on the other side.
  • All materials to be displayed should be prepared before you arrive.
  • Presenters are responsible for their own display materials and handouts and for set up and removal of their displays.
  • No electrical support or Internet connections will be available.
  • A heading should be prepared for your display. The heading should include the title of the presentation and the authors' names and their affiliations.
  • AAA policy does not allow presenters to explicitly market (through displays or distribution of promotional materials, etc.) commercial products, particularly those in which they have a financial interest. Please be sensitive to this policy in your treatment of any commercial product/s included in your presentation.
  • You may wish to provide a sign-up sheet to record the names and emails of attendees who wish for more information/materials.