2023 ATA Midyear Meeting Call for Research Submissions

The American Taxation Association Research Resources and Methodologies Committee invites submissions of research papers that advance our knowledge of taxation and tax accounting.

To be considered for the concurrent research sessions at the ATA Midyear Meeting, manuscripts must be sufficiently developed to allow informed feedback (e.g., well-developed background and theory, clearly stated hypotheses, and completed preliminary statistical analysis). We encourage submission across a wide variety of topics and methodologies, and welcome the examination of new topics and the use of novel theories, databases, and settings. The research sessions are intended to provide authors with relevant and timely feedback and to provide the audience exposure to cutting edge research.

Note that submission to the JATA or JLTR Conference is separate from submission to the concurrent research sessions at the ATA Midyear Meeting. If you would like your paper considered for the applicable conference and the concurrent sessions, please check the box indicating this option when you submit your paper to the conference. Please also indicate if you would like your paper considered for a research forum.

Submissions must be completed by October 31, 2022.

 CLICK HERE to access the submission system using your AAA member ID and password. If you have forgotten your AAA member ID/password, click here to retrieve them.

If you do not have a member ID/password, click here to obtain AAA login credentials. Then, use your AAA login credentials to create a new account in the submission system.


If you have questions, please contact Stevie Neuman (neumans@missouri.edu) and Nathan Goldman (nathan.goldman@ncsu.edu).