FASB Codification and GARS Online Q & A

What is the Professional view of the Codification of Accounting Standards? A searchable database with useful tools for research and resources, made available for free to students and faculty. The database and research system was developed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and pulls together many of the authoritative resources about accounting standards into a single, searchable system. Used by accounting and reporting professionals, as well as analysts and investors, the Professional View provides state‐of‐the‐art utilities and features for searching and navigating the content to reduce research time and access the appropriate information quickly and efficiently. It is the same view that professionals use.

What content does the FASB Codification include? All level “A through D” GAAP issued by a standard setter, Pronouncements issued by the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board), the EITF (Emerging Issues Task Force),  the Accounting Standards Executive Committee (AcSEC),  the Accounting Principles Board, and relevant portions of authoritative content issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and selected SEC staff interpretations and administrative guidance.

What is the GARS Online? A searchable database of all U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and related literature for state and local governments, including original GASB Statements, Concept Statements, Technical Bulletins, and Interpretations, with NCGA pronouncements, and selected AICPA materials; a Codification that organizes currently effective accounting and reporting standards for state and local governments in to four parts: General Principles, Financial Reporting, Specific Balance Sheet and Operating Statement Items, and Stand-alone Reporting—Specialized Units and Activities; a Comprehensive Implementation Guide, and a Topical Index.

Who is eligible for free access?  Faculty and students of enrolled college/university accounting department (enrolled means they register with the AAA and paid an administrative fee of $250 annually for Academic Access). This includes all faculty; emeritus, instructors, all faculty included in the accounting program. The small administrative fee is to manage the security for access by passwords for their faculty and students.

Who pays the annual fee to the AAA? College/university accounting departments pay the $250 annual fee.

What is a "Registered Accounting Program"? A registered department is an enrolled post-secondary school accounting department/program that has paid the annual fee of $250.

Is this available to international schools?

How will information be disseminated to faculty and students? After login credentials are sent to the accounting department chair, it will be that person’s responsibility to manage a process in the department to disseminate that information to accounting faculty and students only. For each registered campus, one login is assigned for all faculty and another login for all students. There is no limit on concurrent users sharing the same login. This login information should not be posted publically (online or via hard copy), where it would be available to non-accounting individuals.

Are there any limits as to who to give access to the information? Yes, accounting faculty and students only.

What if an accounting student changes major and no longer takes accounting courses? What are their responsibilities as to then denying them access? Their access will automatically expire on August 31. Renewing schools will receive new passwords each year.

Is this available to all AAA members and not just those whose school has paid for it. Or available only to AAA members? No, access is not connected to AAA membership. Only faculty and students in accounting departments that have paid for the service have access. AAA members will only have access if their department enrolls. The AAA is working with the FAF to provide secure access to accounting faculty and students, and making it available for all faculty and students, not just for AAA members.

Is IP authentication available?  Not this program. Contact FASB directly at 800-748-0659.

If access is available via password, how often do you require this to be updated? Departments enroll for access annually – they will need to renew and be updated annually by September 1.

Is this new “Academic Access” something my library can or should subscribe to? No - “Academic Access” through the AAA is for faculty and students in registered accounting programs/departments. It is NOT a library subscription, it is special access solely for accounting faculty and students - available for a low administrative fee ($250 annually). Libraries can subscribe through a completely different process, directly through the FASB. That subscription would provide access to the university’s larger community, and would be at a different rate/fee. More information is available at the FASB online store - https://www.fasb.org/store/subscriptions/fasb/registered or call 800-748-0659.

Why does the website does not work well with my browser? The FASB Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) has been optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer and for Firefox; other web browsers (such as Chrome, Safari, AOL) are not supported.

My school’s situation is unique and/or my question has not been addressed in this document. Send your question(s) to Marybeth.Gripshover@aaahq.org or call Mary Beth Gripshover on her direct line 941-556-4116.