Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a submission fee for JIS?
A: Yes. The submission fee is $50 for members of the AIS section, and $75 for others.

Q: I publish primarily in the MIS discipline. I see several references to AIS research and the link to the accounting and auditing domain. Does that mean you do not welcome MIS (or computer science) research?
A: All the papers in JIS must contribute to AIS, accounting and auditing research. This contribution may be direct, by working with settings in AIS, accounting or auditing. Equally importantly, the contribution may be indirect, by bringing to AIS, accounting, and auditing the benefits and implications of research in management information systems, management science, computer science, psychology, sociology or other business fields. Evidence of this contribution may be highlighted by drawing from theories and evidence in the AIS, accounting or auditing literature. It may also be made by drawing conclusions in the paper for research and practice in AIS, accounting or auditing. It is the author's responsibility to ensure these contributions are apparent.

Q: Will you look at my early draft?
A: Yes! The senior editors strongly encourage a dialog with authors as ideas are built and drafts are generated. The editors can provide guidance on the fit with the JIS mission as well as on the paper itself.

Q: Will the senior editors be open to reviewing a research idea or an early draft of a paper?
A: Yes, we encourage this! Please communicate your ideas or early drafts with the senior editors.

Q: How many theme issues will JIS have?
A: We plan on one theme issue per annum. Check the “Current Calls” section of the following page for the most up-to-date information: http://aaahq.org/AIS/Journal

Q: How does a theme issue differ from a special issue?
A: A theme issue takes up part of a regular issue. A special issue is a one-off issue. JIS publishes only theme issues, not special issues

Q: Will there be more JIS conferences?
A: Yes. We are planning that JISC will be an ongoing series of JIS conferences.

Q: When did JIS transition to three issues per annum?
A: 2015.

Q: What is the quality ranking of JIS compared to other journals?
A: This varies depending upon the ranking source. Among many sources and universities, JIS is considered an A or A- journal, while it is not currently ranked at all by other sources and some universities. We are actively working to make the journal known to all parties who rank and rate journals so that your publications will receive the widest possible recognition.

Q: I am organizing a conference. Might JIS join as a sponsor?
A: We are happy to consider sponsorship and participation in a range of conferences. Please email the senior editors at JIS@aaahq.org.

Please email your questions to JIS@aaahq.org

Letter from the President

Hello all,

I hope the spring term is going well for all of you. I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about our Midyear Meeting in Newport Beach, CA, JISC 2018 in Durham, NC, and to give a preview of the events coming up for our section.

We enjoyed a great Midyear Meeting in Newport Beach, CA! My sincerest gratitude to all our volunteers who helped make our meeting a great success; Dan O’Leary, meeting coordinator; Andrea Kelton, research paper chair; Hussein Issa, SET coordinator; Diane Janvrin, education paper chair and Chris Wolfe, NSC coordinator. Also, the AAA staff and the Duke hotel staff were top notch. A highlight of the conference is always the awards - congratulations to all of our award winners - our website will soon be updated to reflect your achievements! Your innovative and interesting work is inspiring to all the members of the AIS section. Thanks to the IMA for their generous support of the case award. Also a special thanks to KPMG, they have generously supported our conference for many years now and I greatly appreciate their continued interest and support.

In March, JISC 2018 was a huge success. Thanks to our sponsor, the AICPA, the event was held in Durham, NC at their offices. I was extremely impressed with all the hard work of Pamela Schmidt, conference chair and co-editor; Kimberly Church, assistant chair and Graham Gal, coeditor. I cannot say enough about all the attention to detail from the website to the quality of speakers and to the papers presented. They truly put together an excellent program with participants from both practice and academia. The feedback was very positive and I encourage each of you to read the conference report contained in this newsletter. I look forward to the special conference edition of JIS. The AIS Section has another important event coming up soon - the AIS Bootcamp at the offices of PwC in Minneapolis, MN on May 22. Many thanks to PwC for sponsoring the event and to the education committee for organizing the bootcamp. Thanks to Diane Janvrin, Joy Gray, Kimberly Church and Lorraine Lee. I am happy to announce that there is great interest in the bootcamp - registration is full - however if you wish to be placed on the waitlist please see the conference link in this newsletter.


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Journal of Information Systems

Journal of Information Systems

The Journal of Information Systems (JIS) is the academic journal of the Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Section of the American Accounting Association. Its goal is to support, promote, and advance Accounting Information Systems knowledge. The primary criterion for publication in JIS is contribution to the accounting information systems (AIS), accounting and auditing domains by the application or understanding of information technology theory and practice.

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