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C3 Project

The C3 Project is now located on the AAA Commons. Use your AAA Login and Password to sign in. The Compendium of Classroom Cases (C3) are on the right side of the page.

Database of AIS Articles

Dr. Paul D. Hutchison, at the University of North Texas, recently updated his AIS Research Database. This is a fully searchable, Microsoft Access database that contains the titles to 1,350 AIS articles and other items from 1986 (or initial year of publication) to 2012. Of note, this is the only known electronic database that contains Advances in Accounting Information Systems and Review of Business Information Systems (formerly Review of Accounting Information Systems) articles.

Here are the coverage dates for the journals currently included in the database: Journal of Information Systems (Fall 1986 - Fall 2011), International Journal of Accounting Information Systems (formerly Advances in Accounting Information Systems) (1992 - December 2011), and Review of Business Information Systems (formerly Review of Accounting Information Systems) (Winter 1997 - Spring 2012). You can download a copy of the updated database here

Global Perspectives on Accounting Education

Global Perspectives on Accounting Education is a new online peer-reviewed journal that publishes research and instructional resources relevant to accounting faculty and accounting education worldwide. The journal welcomes manuscripts from any and all countries. Manuscripts submitted may be empirical, non-empirical, teaching resources, or a replication of prior research. This journal is unique in that manuscripts considered for publication can make either a direct or indirect contribution to accounting education. An example of an indirect contribution could be a study that bridges education in accounting and other disciplines. Additional information regarding the journal"s editorial board, editorial policy, submission guidelines, and review criteria can be viewed at

Electronic submission, review, and submission fee payment shortens the review period resulting in quicker feedback to authors. In addition, online publication allows articles to be posted to the web site as soon as they are accepted and formatted, reducing the lead time between acceptance and publication.

Please share information regarding this journal with colleagues, both in accounting and in other disciplines (business and non-business). Access to the published papers is free.

New Monarch Software for Education Program

Datawatch Corporation is launching a new higher education program for its Monarch "Report Mining" software. Monarch mines and combines data from existing accounting, ERP and other reports, plus PDF reports, spreadsheets, databases, etc. for programming-free analysis, export to Excel and much more. Monarch is used routinely worldwide by auditors, accountants, fraud examiners, controllers, CFOs and more.

Datawatch will offer instructors in higher educational institutions free copies of its Monarch Pro software and other resources to aid in teaching the concepts and effective use of Report Mining for programming-free data acquisition and analysis in the accounting, auditing, and finance disciplines.

To request further information on this new program, receive Monarch literature, plus participate in a brief survey to help Datawatch customize Monarch resources for this program and better understand your use of commercial software within your course instruction, please contact Michael Urbonas, Monarch Product Manager, via email at today. Your inquiry will be used solely to brief you on this new education program. We look forward to hearing from you!


Journal of Information Systems

Journal of Information Systems

The Journal of Information Systems (JIS) is the academic journal of the Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Section of the American Accounting Association. Its goal is to support, promote, and advance Accounting Information Systems knowledge. The primary criterion for publication in JIS is contribution to the accounting information systems (AIS), accounting and auditing domains by the application or understanding of information technology theory and practice.

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