13th Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA)

The Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting combines a hands-on teaching and technology clinic, mentoring by experienced faculty, and strategies for staying current on emerging topics in accounting.

No separate registration for 2020:  This year CTLA will be held virtually during the 4-day Annual Meeting schedule – and all registrants to the Annual Meeting and CTLA will have the opportunity to hone their teaching skills in CTLA sessions.

Whether you are an experienced faculty member or will be teaching your first course in the fall, you are welcome to attend CTLA.

Teaching, Learning, and Technology focused Keynotes, Roundtables, TED Talks, and Posters.  So many concurrent session choices!

Topics include:

  • Best practices in teaching,
  • Integrating leading-edge technologies,
  • Improving critical thinking skills,
  • Assessing student learning,
  • Motivating and facilitating learning, and
  • Course-specific innovations.

Questions about CTLA?

Contact Stephanie Glaser at Stephanie@aaahq.org or 941-556-4118

Registration is Open