Video Resources

Record a no more than 10-minute video in mp4 or MOV format about your presentation. The video should cover the key highlights of your presentation and why you did it.

There are many ways to do a short video: a saved Zoom recording or a voiceover PowerPoint saved as an mp4 or MOV. How-to resources are listed below. AAA will also post tech support hours to answer your questions.

During your uploading process to AAA's Presentation Gallery, you will be asked to upload your infographic, your short video in mp4 or MOV format, a brief description/abstract of your session, key words/#hashtags for your presentation, plus any other materials you want to share (i.e., working paper, presentation slide deck, handout, dataset, website url, tools list, etc.). You can post updates/revisions to AAA's Presentation Gallery until July 21.

Paper Presenters

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Dialogue Presenters and CTLA Presenters

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Beginner Resources