Management Accounting Section Dissertation Award

Sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants

Call for Nominations – AAA MAS Management Accounting Dissertation Award

Purpose:  The AAA Management Accounting Section is pleased to announce its 2024 dissertation award competition. The purpose of this competition is to recognize outstanding dissertation research in the field of management accounting. The recipient is honored with a plaque and $1,000; the runner-up is honored with a plaque and $250; and the supervisors of the recipient and runner-up are honored with plaques. The award is generously sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures:  An entry may be nominated by either the student who authored the dissertation or one or more members of the dissertation committee. The entry may NOT be simultaneously submitted to other dissertation competitions sponsored by other Sections of the American Accounting Association.

All entries must include a letter from the dissertation chairperson stating that the dissertation has been completed and accepted by the degree-granting institution between January 1 and December 31 of 2023; that is, a 2024 award recipient must have completed his/her dissertation during 2023.

Dissertations that have been considered for or that have won the AAA/Grant Thornton Doctoral Dissertation Award (intended to recognize innovative research of third or fourth year PhD students that have passed their proposal defense at the time of the award) are eligible for this award.

Recipients do not have to be members of the AAA MAS to receive the plaque but must be members to receive the cash prize.

Award Committee and Submission Instructions: By Friday, March 1, 2024, an electronic copy of the dissertation or a solo-authored working paper from the dissertation and the letter from the dissertation chairperson described above must be emailed to the Chair of the Dissertation Award Committee: Victor van Pelt, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management,  While the committee would prefer working paper submissions, no advantage will be given to submissions in that form. Nominations will be evaluated by a Committee of faculty appointed by the MAS President.

Presentation of Award:  The Awards will be presented during the Management Accounting Section Business Meeting and Lunch at the AAA Annual Meeting in August.

Management Accounting Section Dissertation Award Recipients


2023 Recipient: Grazia Xiong  Chair: Andrew Newman
"How the Level of Firm Support for Employee Volunteering Affects Employee Productivity and Altruistic Behavior Inside the Firm"

2023 Runner Up: Aishwarrya Deore  Chair: Ranjani Krishnan
"Firm Responses to the Content and Emotions Expressed in Social Media Word-of-Mouth"

2022 2022 Recipient: In Gyun Baek, Chair: Ella Mae Matsumura
" Essays On the Relation Between Telecommuting Policies and Employee Performance"

2022 Runner Up: Harihan Ramasubramanian  Chair: Ranjani Krishnan
"Operating Decisions in the Afterglow of Spike in Business Activities: Evidence from Banks"

2022 Runner-Up: Ryan Summerfeldt, Co-Chairs: Laura Wang and Michael Williamson
"Who Gets Stitches? The Effects of Rewarding Whistleblowing and Protecting Their Identity on Subsequent Cooperation"
2021 2021 Recipient: Wei Cai – Columbia Business School; Chair: Dennis Campbell
"Formalizing the Informal: Adopting a Formal Culture-fit Measurement System"

2021 Runner-Up: Fiona Yingfei Wang – National University of Singapore; Chair: S. Mark Young
"Innovation Orientation and Employee Non-wage Compensation"
2020 2020 Recipient: Victor Van Pelt, “Asymmetric Adjustment of Control” (Dissertation Chairs: Eddy Cardinaels, Bart Dierynck).

2020 Runner-Up: Hyun Hwang, “Organizational Structure, Voluntary Disclosure, and Investment Efficiency” (Dissertation Chairs: Carlos Corona, Pierre Liang).
2019 2019 Recipient: Carolyn Deller PhD from the University of Pennsylvania “Beyond Performance: When Potential Matters to Employee Career Outcomes” Professors Tatiana Sandino and Dennis Campbell

2019 Runner-Up: Joseph Burke PhD from Indiana University-Bloomington “The Role of Social Bonds in Understanding the Pre- and Post-Recognition Effects of Recognition on Visibility” Professor Gary Hecht
2018 2018 Recipient: Eunhee Kim PhD from Carnegie Mellon University “The Market for Reputation: Repeated Career Concerns and Matching” Professors Carlos Corona and Jonathan Glover for Supervisions Eunhee Kim’s Dissertation

2018 Runner-Up: Henry Eyring PhD from Harvard Business School “Disclosing Physician Ratings: Performance Effects and the Difficulty of Altering Ratings Consensus” Professor Dennis Campbell For Supervising Henry Eyring’s Dissertation
2017 2017 Recipient: Shelley Xin Li PhD from Harvard Business School “Boss, Cut Me Some Slack: Control and Innovation in a Multitasking Environment” Professor Dennis Campbell For Supervising Dennis Campbell’s Dissertation

2017 Runner-Up: Jason Xiao PhD from University of Pennsylvania “Diffusion of Corporate Governance from Influential Adopters” Professor Wayne Guay For Supervising Jason Xiao’s Dissertation
2016 2016 Recipient: David Tsui PhD from University of Pennsylvania “Risk-Return Tradeoffs and Managerial Incentives “ Professor Wayne Guay For Supervising David Tsui's Dissertation

2016 Co-Runner-up: Jeremiah Bentley PhD from Cornell University “Decreasing Operational Distortion and Surrogation through Narrative Reporting“ Professor Robert Bloomfield For Supervising Jeremiah Bentley’s Dissertation

A Letter from Our Section President Khim Kelly, University of Central Florida

Dear Management Accounting Section (MAS) Members.

Welcome to the 2023/2024 year!

This year, we are excited to announce that we are looking for even more ways to connect with our members throughout the year. As part of this effort, we are pleased to invite you to join the MAS on LinkedIn (! Please use this platform to connect with the MAS community; to share teaching, research, and practice engagement resources; and to learn about our latest events.

The MAS started the new year with a great program put together by Todd Thornock and Curtis Hall (Co-Directors) at the 2023 AAA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Todd and Curtis organized 13 concurrent sessions and a panel session on “Teaching Management and Cost Accounting with Data Analytics”. We thank the authors who submitted 92 papers and the 130 volunteers who reviewed, discussed, and moderated for the Annual Meeting!

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