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Case Resources

Accounting case site database

Developed at Notre Dame University, and highlighted in a Journal of Accounting Education article by Meyer and Meyer (2014), the site provides a landing page (see: for published cases classified according to level and accounting topics. This is an excellent resource.   For further information please see the site and/or:

Meyer, M. and Meyer, T. 2014, ‘Accounting case search: A web-based search tool for finding published accounting cases’, J. of Acc. Ed. 32: 16–23.

Video Resources

Favorite YouTube clips…

Maybe, you have a favourite YouTube clip you use in class.  One that was provided to me by a colleague (Judy Oliver at Swinburne University) is labeled: Equal pay for monkeys and can be found at:

I use this clip in the first lecture of a managerial control systems subject/course to talk about the behavioural effects of control systems. It could of course, be used in different contexts to illustrate other issues.

Another clip, I use as part of the introduction to reward systems and incentives is:

This clip is an animated (RSA Animate) presentation by Dan Pink, who also has a book along similar lines to the animation called Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (Riverhead Books New York).

Perhaps you have a favorite clip you would like to share? If so, please reach out to our Communications Director to get it added to this list:

BBC In the Factory series

In a previous posting Monte Swain from Brigham Young University provided an excellent article on the use of ‘video’ clips in the classroom.  With lots of advice on identifying, adapting and using clips, the article might be worth a look before exploring the series of clips outlined below.

Many of you may already know this and be using them in class.   But, I came across the In the factory series of shows produced by the BBC. In terms of bringing alive our cost and management classes with ‘real-life’ experiences, this set of recordings may be useful.  Essentially, these recordings show how things are made. While the shows also contain other information, it is the focus on the ‘how’ that might be useful for classes.    The development of a number of discussion questions around each show would be time inexpensive.  For example, in the ‘bicycles’ episode from series 2, one of the bike designers makes reference to the “…constant challenge for the design team to balance the bike’s weight, durability and cost…”  This seems a suitable issue for discussion and how management accounting performs a role.

The details of series 1 and 2 can be found at:

Useful video clip for illustrating lean processes

Have you seen The Founder, the history of Dick and Mack McDonald, Ray Kroc, and McDonald’s? It’s a neat film. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

There’s a cool scene in the film where Dick and Mack McDonald tell the story of how they structured the McDonald’s “Speedy System” production process on a tennis court in California. Here are a couple of short youtube videos related to the clip:

  1.       The Founder ‘Speedy System’ Featurette:
  2.       Lean example from The Founder

The videos demonstrate how the McDonald brothers brought fast-food, lean concepts to the restaurant business—adding efficiency, reducing time.

Showing the clips might be a good way to bring in a real world example of simulating a production process to create lean efficiencies—and the tremendous ramifications such actions had.

Public and related lectures and presentations

University of Melbourne/CPA Australia Annual Research Lecture October 2019

Act or be Acted Upon: Revolutionizing Accounting with Data Analytics – Vern Richardson, University of Arkansas

Other video resources and potential applications




The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

A documentary that tells the story of Theranos; based on the award-winning book by John Carreyrou.   Great for exploring: nature of control system design, particularly in a start-up setting; structural silos; narcissistic personality traits and behavioural influences; ethics and fraud.

HBO documentaries:

Other Theranos-related

ABC Nightline2-part series

Doing your job may be hazardous to your carer (Fred Kofman)

In this Linkedin speaker series Fred Kofman conveys some interesting perspectives in performance measurement and metrics

New Technologies

The Teaching and Learning Toolbox (

Microsoft Education Centre (

Tableau (

Accounting Pod (

Quitch (


No doubt, you will all have your favorite podcasts.  Listed below are a few sources for Podcasts that might contain useful sessions for students.  Let us know your favorite podcast:




Wall Street Journal Podcasts

Various categories

Fortune Podcasts

Various categories

Player FM Talking Reward series

Focuses on compensation-related issues

Financial Management Magazine


CPA Canada

Various; link here is to outsourcing podcast


Various management accounting topics

University of Melbourne

Various topics

O’Reilly Data Show Podcast

Not so much accounting and big data, machine learning and AI.

Other Recourses

Accounting in the headlines blog and resources

Dr Wendy Tietz from Kent State University has established a blog called accounting in the headlines (see:, which contains a  set of resources useful for our management accounting classes (as well as financial accounting resources).  Well worth taking a look!

The teaching and learning tool box with Mark Ahrens and Cathy Scott:

Excellent resource for all manner of teaching-related issues, but particularly for online resources, tools and tips.

Connecting with the Profession

At the recent 2019 MAS mid-year meeting, presentations were made by both the IMA and AICPA.  While each of the presentations covered a diverse range of topics, both provided information about the available resources for educators.   Both professional bodies have made significant investments in these resources.  So, if you have not had the opportunity to yet explore these resources, you may find it productive to do so.  Also, opportunities exist to submit cases for consideration for publication along with the opportunity to adapt earlier cases. The following links should help:

Other links

The Teaching, Learning and Curriculum section provides lots of interesting materials including webinars and newsletters to resource our teaching activities:

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