Teaching Conferences and Symposia

MAS Mid-year meeting January 2020

CGMA Teaching Symposium Session I
Critical Thinking and Data Analytics
Margarita Maria Lenk, Colorado State University
2019 J. Michael and Mary Anne Cook/Deloitte Foundation Prize Winner, Professor Lenk, will quickly review the essential cognitive ingredients of critical thinking and how critical thinking builds accounting students’ professional and data analytics skills. She will then lead the room in guided steps for designing managerial accounting learning experiences that contain true critical thinking elements. The objective is to optimize professional critical thinking skills by encouraging student creativity and problem solving science through a student-reflection developmental feedback/grading rubric. Best project/case/assignment ideas from the group will be shared to build a critical thinking community. Come ready with your questions and ideas!

CGMA Teaching Symposium Session II
Current Hot Topics in Teaching Managerial Accounting
Orest Fiume, The Wiremold Company, Retired CFO
Lean Accounting Advocate Orest Fiume will walk attendees through ways to adapt the managerial accounting curriculum to the changing needs of manufacturing businesses adopting an environment of Continuous Improvement. Attendees will learn how to decrease content on standard costing and increase content on Lean Accounting

Ann C. Dzuranin, Northern Illinois University
Jim Hesford, University of Lethbridge

Professors Dzuranin and Hesford will present a case for using data visualization as a way to develop, evaluate, and report performance measures. Using anonymized data from a major hotel chain, students use the balanced scorecard framework to develop appropriate performance measures for each of the four perspectives. Students then use data visualization to evaluate the hotel chain at various levels of aggregation (hotel, region and firm). Students are also asked to develop performance targets for the next year.

CGMA Teaching Symposium Session IV
Being Productive Faculty Members, Including Balancing Teaching and Research
Moderators: Serena Loftus, Tulane University
Matthew Sooy, University of Western Ontario

Panelists: W. Glenn Rowe; University of Western Ontario
Karen Sedatole; Emory University
Alan Webb, University of Waterloo

Professors Karen Sedatole, Alan Webb, and Glenn Rowe will discuss balancing research with teaching. The panel will first offer their experiences and strategies for balancing research and teaching and will then respond to audience members Q&A. Prepared topics include advice and perspective, bringing research into the classroom, signs that a change needs to be made, and transitioning within and between schools.

IMA/MAS Case Conference, November 2019

IECJ Panel: How to Get Cases Published
Panelists: Laurie Burney, Baylor University
Kip Krumweide, IMA
Jason Porter, Washington State University
Margaret Shackell, Ithaca College

Workshop: Case Method Teaching Accounting
Luann Lynch, University of Virginia

Case session 1: Red River Lodge
James Hesford, University of Lethbridge
Thomas Calderon, University of Akron
Mina Pizzini, Texas State University
Michael J. Turner, The University of Queensland

Case session 2: Small Businesses and Trust: A Payroll Embezzlement Case
Tina Rolling, Alma College

Case session 3: Allocating University Administrative Costs in a Responsibility-Centered Management (RCM) Model
Marvin Bouillon, University of Southern Mississippi
Clemense Ehoff, Central Washington University 
Kenneth Smith, Central Washington University 

Accounting Analytics Case: Huskie Motor Corp Computer Software & Applications

Ann Dzuranin, Northern Illinois University

Letter from the President

Welcome to the webpage for the AAA Management Accounting Section!

The Management Accounting Section (MAS) is a diverse community of academics and practitioners from all over the world dedicated to advancing the practice, research, and teaching of management accounting. We have strong partnerships with several organizations, including the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), CPA Canada, and Wiley. Through these partnerships, MAS offers a wide range of resources to support its members, and I encourage you to click on the tabs at the top of the webpage to learn more.

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Dear MAS members, As the incoming Senior Editor of the Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR) for the 2022–2024 term, I am excited to announce the editorial team that will serve during my term. We will have a group of 13 Editors who are distinguished scholars ready to work with you, current and future authors and referees, on publishing high-quality and relevant management accounting research. We will also have a great new Editorial Advisory and Review Board with 44 accomplished members.

Continuing JMAR’s mission to promote diverse topics and methodological perspectives, the new editorial team covers all methods of management accounting research. Close to 50% of the team is based outside of the US, which also continues the tradition of a wide geographical representation.

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