Midyear Meeting Outstanding Paper Award

Purpose: To recognize superior scholarship, the Section will present a Best Paper Award for its Midyear Meeting.

Eligibility and Selection Procedure:
Papers submitted to the Midyear meeting are eligible for consideration for the Award. A Committee made up of a Chair and Section members will select the recipient.

Presentation of the Award:
A Plaque(s) will be presented to the winning author(s) at the Section Luncheon at the Midyear Meeting.


Midyear Meeting Outstanding Awards

2023 Lori Chefshik Bhaskar, Indiana University, Timothy Mallon, Indiana University, Geoff B. Sprinkle, Indiana University, Dan Way, Clemson University "How Do Group Size and Group Relative Performance Information Affect Managerial Reporting?"

2022 Gregory Distelhorst, University of Toronto and Jee-Eun Shin, University of Toronto, “Assessing the Social Impact of Corporations: Evidence from Management Control Interventions in the Supply Chain to Increase Worker Wages

2021 Andrew H. Newman, University of South Carolina, Ivo D. Tafkov, Georgia State University, Nathan Waddoups, University of Denver, and Xiaomei Xiong, University of South Carolina, “Does the Effect of Reward Frequency on Performance Depend on Reward Type?”

2020 Erina Ytsma, Carnegie Mellon University, “Effort and Selection Effects of Performance Pay in Knowledge Creation"

2019 Ochan Kwon, Harvard Business School and Jee-Eun Shin, University of Toronto, “Managing Through Organizational Change: Employee Alignment in the Presence of Unexpected Career Concerns.

2018 Eunhee Kim, City University of Hong Kong, “The Market for Reputation: Repeated Matching and Career Concerns.”

2017 Dirk E. Black, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; and Marshall D. Vance, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, “Do First impressions Last? The Impact of Initial Assessments and Subsequent Performance on Promotion Decisions.”

2016 Eric W. Chan, The University of Texas at Austin, "Promotion, Relative Performance Information, and the Peter Principle.”

2015 Dennis Campbell, Harvard Business School; David H. Erkens, University of Southern California; and Maria Loumioti, University of Southern California, "Exception Reports as a Source of Idiosyncratic Information."

2014 Gavin Cassar, INSEAD and Brian Cadman, The University of Utah, “Explicit and Implicit Incentives: Longitudinal Evidence from NCAA Football Head Coaches Employment Contracts.”

2013 Marshall D. Vance, University of Southern California, “Deferred Compensation Plan and Characteristics and Voluntary Employee Turnover.”

2012 Isabella Grabner, Maastricht University; and Frank Moers, Maastricht University, “Managers’ Choices of Evaluation Criteria in Promotion Decisions: An Analysis of Alternative job Assignments.”

A Letter from Our Section President Khim Kelly, University of Central Florida

Dear Management Accounting Section (MAS) Members.

Welcome to the 2023/2024 year!

This year, we are excited to announce that we are looking for even more ways to connect with our members throughout the year. As part of this effort, we are pleased to invite you to join the MAS on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12007279/)! Please use this platform to connect with the MAS community; to share teaching, research, and practice engagement resources; and to learn about our latest events.

The MAS started the new year with a great program put together by Todd Thornock and Curtis Hall (Co-Directors) at the 2023 AAA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Todd and Curtis organized 13 concurrent sessions and a panel session on “Teaching Management and Cost Accounting with Data Analytics”. We thank the authors who submitted 92 papers and the 130 volunteers who reviewed, discussed, and moderated for the Annual Meeting!

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