Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award 

Consideration is given to books, monographs, and journal articles on management accounting topics published within the past five calendar years.

Call for Nominations – AAA MAS Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award


Purpose:  This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to management accounting literature. The author(s) of the winning paper receive a plaque and $1,000.

Criteria:  The Award Committee will employ the following criteria in determining the recipient.

  • Relevance to theory, practice, or instruction of management accounting.
  • Broad appeal to those interested in management accounting.
  • Originality, innovativeness, and potential contribution to knowledge.
  • Impact or potential impact on other research.

No preference will be given to single-authored work.

EligibilityAny work published within the past five calendar years is eligible for this award. Thus, for the 2024 award, the work must have been published from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2023.

Books, monographs, and journal articles on management accounting topics are eligible. Nominations for books or monographs will not be considered unless they are provided free of charge to all committee members. Works in languages other than English must be translated prior to submission.

Recipients do not have to be members of the AAA MAS to receive the plaque but must be members to receive the cash prize.

Nomination Procedures: The work must be accompanied by a short paragraph stating the reasons for the nomination.

Award Committee and Submission Instructions: To nominate a work for the award, by Friday, March 1, 2024 email the article or copy of the monograph or book along with the short statement described above to the Chair of the Awards Committee: Christoph Feichter, Vienna University of Economics and Business ( Submitted works will not be returned. Nominations will be evaluated by a Committee of faculty appointed by the MAS President.

Presentation of Award:  The Award will be presented during the Management Accounting Section Business Meeting and Lunch at the AAA Annual Meeting in August.

Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award Recipients

2023 Wim Van der Stede, Ane Wu, and Steve Yu-Ching Wu, "An Empirical Analysis of Employee Responses to Bonuses and Penalties" (TAR 2020)  
2022 Annie Farrell, Jon Grenier, and Justin Leiby, "Scoundrels or Stars? Theory and Evidence on the Quality of Workers in Online Labor Markets" (The Accounting Review)  
2021 Eva Labro (2019). "Costing Systems", Foundations and Trends in Accounting: Vol. 13: No. 3-4, pp 267-404..  
2020 William Demeré, Karen Sedatole, and Alexander Wood; "The Role of Calibration Committees in Subjective Performance Evaluation Systems".  
2019 Pablo Casas-Arce, Sofia M. Lourenço, and Asis Martinez-Jerez "The Performance Effect of Feedback Frequency and Detail: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Customer Satisfaction"  
2018 Shane Dikolli, William James Mayew, Dhanajay Nanda "CEO tenure and the performance--turnover relation" Review of Accounting Studies, 19 (1), 281--327, 2014.  
2017 Raffi Indjejikian, Ken Merchant, Wim Van der Stede, Michael Williamson, and Flora Zhou "Earnings Targets and Annual Bonus Incentives Reward System Design and Group Creativity: An Experimental investigation"  
2016 Fei Du, Guliang Tang, S. Mark Young "Influence Activities and Favoritism in Subjective Performance Evaluation: Evidence from Chinese State--Owned Enterprises" The Accounting Review, 87 (5), 1555--1588, 2012.  
2015 Julie Mindy "Creating Dynamic Tensions through a Balanced Use of Management Control Systems" Accounting, Organizations and Society, Elsevier, 35(5), 499--523, July. Jasmijn C. Bol "The Detriments and Performance Effects of Managers Performance Evaluation Biases" The Accounting Review, 85 (6), 1861--1886, 2010.  
2012 Shannon W. Anderson, Henri C. Dekker, and Karen L. Sedatole "An Empirical Examination of Goals and Performance--to--Goal Following the Introduction of an Inventive Bonus Plan with Participative Goal Setting" Management Science, 56 (1), 90--109, 2010.  
2011 Eva Labro and Mario Vanhoucke "A Simulation Analysis of Interactions among Errors in Costing Systems" The Accounting Review, 82 (4), 939--962, 2007.  
2010 Ella Mae Matsumura and Jae Yong Shin "An Empirical Analysis of an Incentive Plan with Relative Performance Measures: Evidence from a Postal Service" The Accounting Review, 81 (3), 533--566, 2006.  
2009 Angela L. Coletti, Karen L. Sedatole, and Kristy L. Towry "The Effect of Control Systems on Trust and Cooperation in Collaborative Environments" The Accounting Review, 80 (2), 477--500, 2005.  

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Dear Management Accounting Section (MAS) Members.

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The MAS started the new year with a great program put together by Todd Thornock and Curtis Hall (Co-Directors) at the 2023 AAA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Todd and Curtis organized 13 concurrent sessions and a panel session on “Teaching Management and Cost Accounting with Data Analytics”. We thank the authors who submitted 92 papers and the 130 volunteers who reviewed, discussed, and moderated for the Annual Meeting!

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