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2019 Management Accounting Section Award Winners

Best Management Accounting Paper at a Midyear Meeting

  • Ochan Kwon and Jee-Eun Shin “Managing Through Organizational Change: Employee Alignment in the Presence of Unexpected Career Concerns ”

Impact on Management Accounting Practice

  • Christopher Inner and Jeremy “Michels Risk-based forecasting and planning and management earnings forecasts ”

JMAR Best Paper Award

  • Ella Mae Matsumura and Jason Schloetzer “The structural and executional components of customer concentration: Implications for Supplier Performance ”

Lifetime Contribution Award

  • Harry Evans

JMAR Editor Service Award

  • Karen Sedatole

Outstanding JMAR Reviewer Award

  • Will Demere, Dirk Black, David Maber, and Melissa Martin

2018 Management Accounting Section Award Winners

Best Early Career Researcher Award

  • Henri Friedman

Best Management Accounting Paper at an AAA Conference

  • Arthur Morris “The Relationships Between Risky Projects, Convex Compensation, and Project Selection: Evidence from the War on Terror”

Best Management Accounting Paper at a Midyear Meeting

  • Eunhee Kim “The Market for Reputation: Repeated Matching and Career Concerns”

Best Management Case at a Midyear Meeting

  • Gillian Vesty, Albie Brooks, Michael Taouk “Lucro Island: Strategic Budgeting”

IMA Jim Bulloch Award

  • Kimberly Swanson Church, Kelvie Crabb, Gail Hoover King  “Launch Learning: A Compendium of Cases for Students to Create, Collaborate and Comprehend Managerial Accounting”

IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation

  • Eunhee Kim; supervisors are Carlos Corona and Jonathan Glover “The Market for Reputation: Repeated Career Concerns and Matching”

IMA Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Runner Up

  • Henry Eyring; Advisor is Dennis Campbell “Disclosing Physician Ratings: Performance Effects and the Difficulty of Altering Ratings Consensus”

Impact on Management Accounting Practice

  • Mark Young, Fei Du, Kelsey Dworkis, Kari Olsen “It’s All about All of Us: The Rise of Narcissism and Its Implications for Management Control System Research”

JMAR Best Paper Award

  • Dennis Campbell, Srikant Datar, Susan Kulp, V.G. Narayanan “Testing Strategy with Multiple Performance Measures: Evidence from a BSC at Store24”

Lifetime Contribution Award

  • Mike Shield

Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature

  • Shane Dikolli, William James Mayew, Dhanajay Nanda “CEO tenure and the performance-turnover relation”

Letter from the President

Allen Webb

Dear Members of the Management Accounting Section of the AAA;

As one of my first official duties as MAS President, it is a pleasure to provide this summary of recent news and events, highlights of some new initiatives planned for the coming year, and reminders of upcoming deadlines and activities. Doing all we do as a section requires tremendous dedication by our members. I am incredibly grateful for the over 100 members who readily agreed to volunteer their time and talent during my term as President. Thank you all for your commitment to the success of the MAS in the upcoming year!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Annie Farrell, Past-President and Mina Pizzini, former Secretary Treasurer, for their exemplary service to the MAS. As with most leadership positions, there is a significant amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the MAS running smoothly, as I am now learning! Both Annie and Mina worked tirelessly and enthusiastically in their roles and continue to provide ...

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Dear MAS members,

As the incoming Senior Editor of the Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR) for the 2019-2021 term, I am excited to announce the team of Editors that will serve during my term. They are a group of 13 strong researchers that are ready to work with you, current and future authors and referees, on publishing high quality and relevant management accounting research.

Continuing on JMAR’s promise to include diverse methodological perspectives, we have editors covering all methods used to address management accounting issues, and have wide geographical representation with 46% of the editors not based in the US. Furthermore, the incoming Editorial Board which are relied upon to do the bulk of the reviewing will, for the first time in JMAR’s history, consists of a majority of non-US based researchers. I will announce the incoming Editorial Board members at the Management Accounting Section’s midyear meeting in January.

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